Zerch: Find Offers Around You.

In today’s review I’m going to write about an app which I personally use and I found it absolutely amazing.

What is Zerch?


Zerch is basically an app that keeps you informed about the offers around and nearby you. It has a neat user interface and excellent offers. So, the next weekend when you are having a hard time deciding where to go out, Zerch will be at your service. It’s always just a click away!

The best mobile app to discover local deals and nearby offers is now available for free. Join the early list of users who are getting benefited with the exclusive list of deals from more than 300+ stores across restaurants, spas & salons, pubs & bars..

All you need to do is launch the app and it tells you the deals nearby. You can filter deals on the basis of categories

Zerch has two types of offers to give to their users-

1) Nonexclusive offers-

The offers that are publicly available to every person irrespective of whether they use Zerch or not.

2) Zerch Exclusive offers-

The kind of offers that are available only for app users and no one else.

How it works-

Zerch uses your mobiles GPS connectivity to locate your position. It then shows you the offers that are available around your vicinity, both exclusive and nonexclusive ones, by accessing their database. From clothing to food to electronics to accessories to everything else you can think of, they have it. Just name it.

Zerch is a Mahindra Comviva venture. They are still in the initial stages of their growth, and are expected to make it big in years to come. As of now, they are only active in Bangalore and NCR, Bangalore being their primary base. Their customers include both the app users and merchants. It is their prime objective to keep everyone around them happy. Because, customer is the king!


The app is only available for Android and iOS users.

As of now, they have-

  • Cities present                 NCR & Bangalore
  • Exclusive merchants    400+ (300+ in BGL, 100+ in NCR)
  • Stores coverage             1500+ stores (1200 in BGL & 300 in NCR)
  • Offers                              600+ offers
  • Users                               10,000+ and growing
  • Huge social media following – Facebook

Those are some pretty neat numbers for a startup that’s less than 2 months old.

You can download the app by clicking on this link(android) or this one(iOS). And don’t forget to like their facebook page and twitter page to know more about the app and their recent updates. Download the app to enjoy unlimited offers.

To know more about the app or to give feedback to them regarding glitches and bugs, please send a mail to [email protected] or visit them at www.zerch.in

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