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The problem with movie reviews is that it is the opinion of one person which influences many others whether to watch someone’s work or not. Hence, it’s very essential for you to know about me to agree with my view of a cinema.

So here it goes :

I love movies with abrupt endings which leave most of the conclusions to be made by the viewers. Big Marvel fan. Occasional rom-com watcher, like when my girl-friends (The hyphen wields lot of power) really push me. I’m gay for Christopher & Jonathan Nolan. Vishal Bharadwaj is the best thing that happened to Bollywood.

Mindbenders over masala.

Engaging over entertaining.

Poetic essence over pot boilers.

If you feel we are in the same bandwidth of a large spectrum of reviews to which you have access to, please do continue. If not, big bare hands to you sir/madam.

To others:

Waddup friend? I’m doing Whiplash. Suit up! (Yeah yeah, it doesn’t make sense , I just like saying it)



Have you ever wondered why some teachers were always so very mean to you that you just wanted to tackle them, bury them deep in the ground and just beat the living hell out of them?

Have you ever thought of what might be running through their mind while they were so invested in ruining your life?

Have you ever tried so hard to prove them wrong and in the process proved yourself something which otherwise seemed to be humanely impossible was within reach and the same very teacher pushed you to touch it?

Whiplash is a mirror to these above mentioned wonder and thought except for the question mark which follows the words above, for Whiplash replaces them with an exclamatory mark.

Whiplash is a quick paced drama which gives you quick peace. It is a bloody affair between a teacher (J.K.Simmons) and student (Miles Teller) in a medium of Jazz which aims at conveying its audience about:

* How musicians across the world are treated in their households by rubbing others’ more prominent and society accepting successes in their face.

* How there is no time for love or other such things when you are set to make a single life long dream come true.

* How making infinte mistakes are infinte lessons learnt the hard way.



* How never giving up only makes you a better person.



* The inner trance you achieve when you see the glow of perfection and satisfaction in your mentors eyes.

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In the end, there is only one question you will be asking yourself. Andrew (Miles) tried with the honest mentoring from Fletcher (Simmons).


Best Sound Mixing

On a scale of one to five bloody drumsticks, I rate this movie 4 bloody drumsticks!


Whiplash for 87th Academy Awards:

Whiplash has been nominated in five categories.


1. Best Picture

12 Years A Slave won it last year

2. Best Supporting Actor

J.K.Simmons has already won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor. He is considered to be the favorite to take away the award this year though Edward Norton for Birdman is a serious contender.

Jared Leto won it last year for Dallas Buyers Club

3. Best Adapted Screenplay

Whiplash was originally planned to compete for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, but on January 6, 2015, it was announced that the film would be competing in the Adapted Screenplay category

12 Years A Slave took it home last year

4. Best Film Editing

Gravity won it last year

5. Best Sound Mixing

Gravity won it last year