What is Bitcoin
Bitcoins sure are in the news for a long time and still they are…! Recent Mt. Gox issue led to a lot of doubts on the future of Bitcoins.  But still we can’t expect everyone to know about what actually is a Bitcoin and also what is Bitcoin mining. There are so many slow learners like me around the world and this post is exactly for them…!

Below are two nice videos that explains “What actually is a Bitcoin?” and “What is Bitcoin Mining?”

What is a Bitcoin ?

What is Bitcoin Mining ?

Well, after watching the two videos above, i assume that now you actually know exactly what the hell exactly is a Bitcoin is..?

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But if you wanna dig deep and know more about Bitcoins i suggest you to visit WeUseCoins.com. There is a lot of stuff in there to know about Bitcoin that actually i can’t understand..! Its all your decision. Thank you and see you soon 🙂

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