Be it direct or indirect, hard disk drives have become a part of our daily life. Just for minute, imagine a laptop or your PC without a hard disk drive, then that would be really boring and also that would seem so depressing. You can’t store your favorite movies or music albums or even your wedding pics anywhere. Without a hard disk drive everything that’s digital would be just disposable. That’s how these hard disk drives have become part of our life.

But did you ever wonder how these awesome hard disk drives are made of ? or How the hard disk drives are manufactured right from the start ?. I bet that almost 90% of the people who use computers didn’t know that. Well that’s why this is the correct reason to learn what are hard disk drives made of ?

Below is an awesome infographic created by for people like us. Learn the process of hard disk drive manufacturing right from start and share it with your parents and friends and make yourself look like a Genius. Please don’t try to

How the Hard Disk Drives are Manufactured

what are the hard drive disks made of

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