VPN Unlimited Premium

If you don’t know what’s a VPN is then let me enlighten you a bit. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In other words, VPN is your personal protection from Hackers,Crackers, Sniffers in public WiFi hotspots. It helps you to access country restricted websites with no trouble. Another awesome feature of a VPN service is that it helps you to maintain complete anonymity online. So to be simple it’s like an advanced antivirus (but not actually an antivirus) which helps you to prevent the after effects.

Normally any type of VPN premium service cost more than $50 dollar per year (that’s the minimum cost for any VPN service). But the guys at VPN Premium are offering their 3 years of complete premium protection for just $19. That brings the cost of the service for just $6.33 per year (OMG..! that’s so cheap).

Buy VPN Premium Unlimited 3 Year Premium Protection Plan for just $19

Still not satisfied then let’s know about the features, requirements of VPN Unlimited 3 Year Plan, then i’m sure you will definitely want this.

Features of VPN Unlimited – 3 Year Premium Plan

  • Secure your Public WiFi Connection: No matter where you are or what network you’re using, when you connect to VPN Unlimited server, your data and activities are 100% safe
  • Protect Your Online Activities: Hackers are no longer a problem because your internet activity and all data remains hidden and encrypted
  • Get Unlimited Traffic Bandwidth and Unlimited Connection Speed: : VPN Unlimited doesn’t limit your traffic bandwidth, so there’s no need to worry about your data usage. VPN Unlimited also provides you with a high-speed connection
  • Connect to Territory-Restricted Web Resources and  Select the server in the country you want: Connect to a VPN Unlimited server in the country of your choice and get access to all local web sites, meaning you can be in China and access US websites no problem. Another useful feature is that, VPN Unlimited provides a growing selection of servers in the most popular countries with the most demanded web resources
  • Prevent Interceptions of Data: Encrypts your data right on your electronic device, using the powerful encrypting algorithms
  • Access VPN Service From Any Device: Pay once and use VPN Unlimited on apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as Macs, PCs, and even Linux.

Buy VPN Premium Unlimited 3 Year Premium Protection Plan for just $19

Check out the VPN Unlimited iPhone App in the below video.


No special requirements. You can use VPN on any device. Be it MAC, PC , Linux, Android or even iOS, VPN Unlimited works everywhere (except Windows Phone).

So what are you waiting for. This is your best bet if you want to protect your identity online, access territory restricted websites and do more cool stuff.