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Before discussing why Video Surgeon is the ultimate video editing tool, let me tell you how i got to know about it.  A few days back one of my friends called me and asked whether i could download a specific YouTube video and make the video play in slow motion. Though i’m not good at video editing stuff,  i said i can do it. Half the work is already over because I’ve published a post in the past that will guide us to download videos from YouTube. But i’m actually not sure whether there will be video editing programs online that will help me make the video play in slow motion.

I knew about a few programs like Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro etc..; and really hate the complexity of them. Complexity aside they were also quite expensive for a student like me and i hate to install pirated programs. So i searched deep into the internet and found one cool, simple and awesome video editing program called as “Video Surgeon.”

Video Surgeon is a real powerful video motion analysis software. It does exactly what it says and the best part is that using this, even a noob can edit a video easily. It is a perfect option for Musicians, Teachers and Coaches. So now let’s discuss about why Video Surgeon is the best and the features of it.

About Video Surgeon

Video Surgeon is available for both Windows and MAC(Beta). To get a basic understanding of what actually Video Surgeon does, watch the video below. If you are not in the mood to watch a video right now, then just take a look at the features mentioned below. I can guarantee you that you will be amazed and will try it for sure.

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Features of Video Surgeon

  • Download YouTube Videos:  Video Surgeon contains an enhanced dual sniffer module. This module can download videos from almost any site on the internet. This is especially made to download any YouTube Video using this software.
  • Audio Video Synchronization: We often encounter situations when one of our video doesn’t sound right. I mean the Audio video Synchronization seems to off. Video Surgeon will be a perfect option in a situation like this.
  • Rip DVDs and Supports all types of video file formats:  Video Surgeon can open and view almost all kinds video file formats such as: avi, mp4, m4v, mpg, mpg2,mov, flv, mkv, wmv, mts and rm.  Video Surgeon will save a projects as a Video Surgeon Project file (.vsp file).  Video Surgeon can access these files from your hard drive, a camera, rip them from an unprotected DVD too..!
  • Slow Motion and Zoom in Video: This one feature is the reason why i like Video Surgeon a lot. It is a great tool for slowing down and zooming in on video. This feature will be helpful for musicians especially Guitarists. Just watch the two videos below to compare the normal and slow motion video by a guitarist.

Now the slow motion of the above video.

Buy Video Surgeon or Download the Demo for Free now

These are the most important features offered by Video Surgeon. But there are many other features Set Loop Points and Infinite Looping, Freeze Frame Analysis, Speed or Tempo Change etc..;

Requirements: We can install and run Video Surgeon on every Windows PC. It is only 60 MB program (quite small when compared to all the programs offered). Recently a Mac version have been released, but still it’s in beta stage.

If you want to try the software before buying you can easily get a full version program from their site. But the demo only works for 4 hours. To download the demo click here => Buy Video Surgeon or Download the Demo for Free now