Useful Iphone Gadgets
As we all know, Apple is constantly trying to improve their series of high-tech innovations in order to provide their customers with maximum satisfaction and meet all of their personal needs and requirements. And the truth is, that iPhone has made our life a lot easier and a lot more fun. Which, after all, makes it an extraordinary device that undoubtedly deserves your attention.

In addition, there are plenty of gadgets that make your iPhone more convenient, more easy to use, and of course – more attractive. Here are some of the greatest and most useful iPhone gadgets you can try:

Retro iPhone

iPhone Desktop Handset

If by any reason you have bought yourself an iPhone, but you want to make it look more vintage, there are some manufacturers who have taken your personal needs into account. There is a special gadget on the market that turns your high-tech iPhone into a retro looking phone with a handset just in a few seconds, and the iPhone is put in a way that gives you the opportunity of using its display.

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The gadget’s price is about 40 pounds. It is extremely useful when it comes to using your iPhone at the office when you feel like using only one of your hands while doing something else on the computer, for example.

Travelling Back in Time

80s iPhone Case vintage

This gadget is definitely not going to fit into your pocket. But still, if you want to go back in time with 25 years or so, at the very beginning of the mobile phones’ history, this is the way to do it.

The company Thumbs Up has main credit for this time travel adventure. The company launches a special plastic additive for iPhone, which makes your modern smartphone look like the first wireless phones from the 80s.

The gadget’s cost is about 15 pounds and everything you need to do in order to use it is only to put the iPhone in the gadget. So, we must confess that at a time when most smartphones are competing on which one is smaller and thinner, this is undoubtedly an original idea.

An iPhone Case that has a built-in battery

iphone case with built-in battery

Every one of us has surely had the unpleasant experience of the line breaking up just in the middle of an important conversation due to low battery. This iPhone case has a built-in external battery and is greater especially for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and is a great solution of the problem we have already mentioned, because it can provide you with a significantly longer life of your iPhone just with a single charge, thanks to the built-in 1900 mAh Li-ion battery.

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The gadget is pretty easy to be activated – there is an on/off button located at its bottom. The case itself is made of a high-quality material that does not slip. Besides, the case protects the back pannel of your iPhone from scratches, and adds from 5 to 6 hours of talk time.

You can charge the external battery via the Mini USB cable provided or into the USB port of your computer. We recommend you to charge the external battery and your iPhone simultaneously via the Mini USB cable, but they can be charged separately, of course.

A gadget turning your iPhone into a Remote Control

universal remote iPhone

There is a gadget with a cost of about 25 dollars that is able to turn your iPhone into a remote control, which you can use for your TV or audio system. The device is equipped with a special application that easily instructs its owner how to sync a universal remote control with the rest of your electronic devices at home.

2 in 1: a Digital clock and an iPhone charger

Time gadget iPhone

Are you sick and tired of using a lot of gadgets for your electronic devices that do nothing more than making you more and more difficult in your everyday life?

This small and useful gadget will help you deal with some fundamental problems of your everyday life. The gadget is an innovative clock with a LED display, which will not only take care of waking you up in the morning, but also has two USB ports that you can use in order to charge your iPhone and iPad. The hybrid clock’s price is about 70 dollars, and is available online.

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