Two must have Android Apps

Did  you  ever   wonder   what  will  you  do  when  your   new purchased Smartphone has been stolen by someone.

May be these are the two methods you will do:

1.  Lodge a Police Report

2.  Cry and Forget about it.

I have a  better  option for  you  guys. Just follow this  article and your  Smartphone  will be in safe hands.

Instead of  downloding more  and more  unwor thy apps  on Play  Store Just download  any of the two apps listed below as soonn as you bought your  Smartphone

1)Avast Free Mobile Security

2)Prey Anti Theft

Now let us take look at the Features these two Apps Provide.

Features of Avast Free Mobile Security


  • Keeps  you  safe  from  malware  and  malicious apps.
  • Block  specific numbers  from  being  able to  call or  send SMS messages
  •  Anti-Theft  component  provides  you  with remote  options  for   locating  and  recovering your  phone.
  • The  homescreen  widget  gives  you  easy  access and instant protection status.
  • Web  Shield  warns  you  if  your browser tries  to load any malware-infected URLs.
  • If  your   phone  is  rooted,  you  can  add  a  firewall  to  ensure that  hackers  stay  out of your  phone.
  • Your  data usage is tracked to help you stay closer  to your  monthly data limits.
  • If enabled, SiteCorrect helps prevent the troubles of mistyped URLs.

Click here download Avast Free Mobile Antivirus

Features of Prey Anti Theft


  • Prey  lets  you  keep  track  of  your   laptop,  phone  and  tablet whenever   stolen  or missing —  easily and all  in one place. It’s lightweight, open source  software tha gives you full and remote control, 24/7.
  • Basically you install a tiny agent in your   phone, which silently waits for  a remote signal to wake  up and work its  magic.This signal is sent either   from the Internet  or  through  an  SMS message,  and  allows  you  to  gather  information  regarding the device’s  location,  hardware  and  network  status,  and optionally trigger specific actions on it.
  • Prey  uses  either   the  device’s  GPS  or   the  nearest  WiFi hotspots  to  triangulate and grab a fix on its location. It’s shockingly accurate.
  • If  enabled,  Prey  will  attempt  to  hook  onto  to  the  nearest open  WiFi  hotspot when no Internet connection is found
  • Prey  has  very  few  dependencies  and  doesn’t  even  leave  a memory  footprint until activated. We care as much as you do.
  • Take  a  picture  of  the  thief  with  your   laptop’s  webcam  so you  know  what  he looks like and where he’s hiding. Power ful evidence.
  • Grab  a screenshot  of  the  active session —  if  you’re lucky  you may  catch the  guy logged into his email or  Facebook account!
  • Hide  your   Outlook  or   Thunderbird  data  and  optionally remove  your   stored passwords, so no one will be able to look into your  stuff

Click here to Download Prey Anti Theft Service.

Warning:  Now  that  you  have  seen  the  features  these  two  Apps Provide,  but i seriously recommend  you  guys  to  use  any  one of  the app  below  unless  you’re  a  pro  in  Android and other rooting stuff, otherwise some conflictions may arise and eventually corrupt your  phone.

My  Favourite among  the two  apps is  Avast because  it provides  both Antivirus  Protection and Anti-theft Protection.

If there are better apps than these two let us know in the comments..