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Sharing your Wi-Fi or Internet Connection with other devices seems to be a tedious task but it’s actually easy if we know the correct methods to implement. If you want to share your PC or Laptop’s wired internet connection on your Smartphone, Tablet or with your friends there are two methods. One is two setup a router and other is create a virtual wifi hotspot.

In one our previous posts , we have guided you to create a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot using command line in windows. If you follow that tutorial exactly you can create a virtual wi-fi hotspot easily by using command prompt only.

However that process involves a lot of commands which you can’t remeber everytime. So in this article, i’m going to recommend you Five Applications or Softwares that can easily create a virtual wi-fi hotspot with an ease. For every App, i have included a video on how that app works. You can also learn more by visiting their site(just click the title).


1. Connectify

Connectify comes in two versions. Free(lite) version and Pro version. A Simple free version will suffice our needs, , but there is a chance of ads appearing for every hour.. The Pro version works even better with more features.

Connectify recently started some new services like Dispatch, Switchboard. Using Dispatch tool, we can combine your multiple internet connections into one..!

Morever it’s the best in the business. Watch the video below to learn more.



2. Open Garden

This app is considered as the best and top alternative for connectify. Also works for Mac OS X(there is a little probability of bugs). For example if you want to use your laptop’s internet on your android mobile, install their app and software on both your devices and start the program on both the devices and follow the instructions.

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Watch the video below and visit their site once to learn more. Completely open source.



3. Connec8

Specially developed for Windows 8 and better than connectify(this is what they say on their website, but i’ve never tried it actually.) See the Image that compares functionalities between connec8, connectify and Virtual wifi Router.

Connec8 Comparisions wifi hotspot


4. mHotspot

Works similarly to Connectify Free(Lite) Version. Completely open source and developed by an indian student. You can connect upto 10 devices and you can share any type of connection(Lan, WiFi, Ethernet, 3G, 4G etc.).  No need to install the app, just download and run. Some say that this one works even better than connectify pro(may be a rumour). Watch the video tutorial below and click this link to download.



5. Virtual Wi-Fi Router

virtual wifi router


Offers two versions, Free Version and Full Paid Version just like Connectify. So if you can pay some bucks i recommend you to spend them on Paid version. Download Free Version.

Some of it’s Features:

Share your internet to WiFi enabled device’s.
Customizable SSID (WiFi Name).
A friendly User Interface.
WPA2 Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm).
Add/Remove/Edit port forwarding.


6. Virtual Router Plus

Similar functionalities like mHotspot and Virtual WiFi Router. Watch the video tutorial and click this link to download directly.

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