Top 5 Mega Minds in the History of Mankind


Human race is very different from every other known kinds on Earth. Actually we are the rulers of the Earth. We all knew that anyway. Our Brain is our main strength, like the sunlight is for Superman. But only a tiny fraction of people are said to utilize the most out of it and became the megaminds (i mean Brilliants, Geniuses,Intelligents).  So in this post i’m going to point out those megaminds. You can find a lot of info about them in Wikipedia but here are just my views.

Note: I’m not going to point out any old,crazy and medieval scientists like Einstein, Newton etc,. But my targets are those who strive for the welfare of Human kind and to improve our lives. These are all particularly my views. Others may have their own inspirations. So if this article annoys you anyway,please consider my apologies(I hope you won’t care anyway.)

1.Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates : Image Credits by Wikipedia

Yes, Bill Gates is a MegaMind, he did wonders with his mind(not any superhero like stuff). He found Microsoft, one of the top companies in the world. Apart from that he is the creator of BASIC(beginners all purpose symbolic instruction code) language. He is like one in a billion humans who can change the course of the world. However most people now a days are not agreeing to that. Reasons look below

  • Reason 1: He did not offer his softwares for free..
  • Reason 2 : Every product they produce is costly.
  • Reason 3: He only worked hard for money in the past.

Ok but those reasons are wrong. He donated most of his money to charity(like more than 6.2 billion pounds in a single donation for vaccine prodution) and for the sake of the mankind. Don’t believe me? Then here are the proofs..

The two links provided above are just examples of his greatness. You can find more like a billion on the internet. bill-gates-rich

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates also founded the Bills and Melinda Gates Foundation to take on the problems that are killing Mankind(Especially Children).

This is the main reason why i included the Bill Gates on Top of this list.

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2. Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet :

Warren Buffet : Image Credits by Wikipedia

Warren buffet is a Business Magent, Investor and Philanthropist, more ever a great humanitarian like Bill Gates. He is also the one who inspired bill gates to take on world problems. This is what Bill and Melinda Gates told about how Buffet inspired them “Our friend and co-trustee Warren Buffett once gave us some great advice about philanthropy: “Don’t just go for safe projects,” he said. “Take on the really tough problems.””

Warren Buffet also gave a large share of his property to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I can’t say nothing more than about him, i’m really inspired by him and every one should.

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3).Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs : Image Credits by Wikipedia

Most of the aspiring teens now a days take Steve Jobs as thier role model. Yes he really can be a Role Model for every one. Just forget about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet for a moment, Steve jobs stood as an inspiration for the cancer patients around the world, when he was successfully cured out of cancer twice(yeah twice not once). He got banned(actually thrown out of) from the company he created, developed Pixar as a million dollar company, saved his company “Apple” from crisis on his re-entry. Many revolutionized products like iPhone, Macbook,iPod came out in his realm.

Apart from all of that he is a great humanitarian, always strived for a better society. Great people will not last forever this is what every elder says to me. It’s a great upset for us that he’s not anymore with us. (R.I.P Steve Jobs).

4.Mark Zuckerberg 

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg : Image Credits by Wikipedia

At first i’m really not sure whether to include this guy in this list. Anyway in my view Facebook is a great idea(or invention or whatever !). This one project helped a lot to erase communication boundaries between the people of the world(Except China). Mark Zuckerberg is still in his twenties(Born in 1984) so we can’t expect a lot from him now. But i’m very sure(100%) that he will come with something useful one day that will help every one in this world. May be he will become a great human like Bill gates. At present Mark Zuckerberg’s aim is to provide internet access to every person in this world. Check it out here.

5.Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi : Image credits Wikipedia

Every Indian knew about Gandhi. Actually 90% of the world knows who he was. Now you may think why i have included him in this list. He may not be a great inventor and Rich Billionaire like the one’s i’ve mentioned before. But he was one of Greatest leader this world got. Let it be the task of Independence to India, Revolution against Racial discrimination, he was the one who stood against the wrong and fought them bravely. He is called by names as Mahatma, Bapuji, etc. however he is best known to this world as “Gandhi.”

“He is only person who fought Violence with Non-Violence.” He explained the greatness of peace to this world. However he was killed by one of his Indians (Godsee killed him). There are many controversies regarding his death. However he is greater than everyone in this list and that’s why i included him.

Conclusion: Of course every one in this world wants to be great, rich, etc. But only few people will. It actually depends on their will. A person’s own will decides his fate. These are all my views. If i’ve hurt anyone’s feeling accidentally, please excuse me. If you really feel that i missed a person in this list please let me know.

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