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You may know a lot about the music streaming services online. Most popular of them are Soundcloud, Grooveshark, last.fm  etc.,

If you are using only some of these services or if you don’t want to listen music online for free, then you are missing out these three awesome new music streaming services.

Please read the full post before visiting the links. That may help you to choose better service according to your taste. 

3) Whyd

Whyd helps you to organize all the music you listen around the internet  into playlists and listen to them anywhere, anytime. Whyd also offers a bookmarklet extension(just like Pinterest)  so that you can save a file to your playlist whenever you want. You can music from every known service(Youtube,Grooveshark,soundcloud etc). Whyd’s now only invite based. Here’s your whyd invite from me.

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2) This is my jam 

TIMJ(this is my jam) is another greate unique service you will never regret yourself  using it. Here’s how it works.Pick a song and make it your Jam. Other users can find it, like it, share it. You can also do the same here.  It will also suggest users who are having similar jams as your’s. Your tracks expire after a week but you renew them if it’s your jam.

1) Ex.fm

Ex.fm is also another superb,awesome and really cool music streaming service i have ever experienced.  You can listen to the Music of every known celebrity and ex.fm gives you all the music you want from over every musci blogs, sites from all over the internet. I just found it a day back and it’s my favourite  now. I bet you don’t want to miss this.

Alternative for Busy Folks:

There is also another awesome free music streaming which is best suited for busy kind of people. And it’s NoonPacific. Just visit there site once and subscribe to their updates. Then every week you will get a Mix playlist (Believe me playlist is really awesome) delivered to your email.  You don’t need to visit the site, they provide you the list everytime in time.


There is also a new Service in the list which is reffered to me by one of my friends in triberr. It’s Cred.fm . It’s very simple and time saving too. So better check this one too.

In all these sites you can stream only music, but if you also want to stream videos also you can try Torch Music, which is a product of Torch Browser. It’s also a real good awesome option..!


There are also many new cool services, but upto me these are really good. But if you really think that i missed a service that should be here, let me know in the comments below. I will update it asap.

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