top 3 photo editing apps

Photography is an art!

But not everyone can be a great photographer.There are bad photographers who have no hope and then there are not-so bad photographers who can make stuff and make it look good. Now, most of us belong to the second group and we need photo editors to make our pictures look good. We also need to understand that not everyone has a cool camera to click neat pictures. Photos and Images helps secure most of our life’s sweet memories. Photo editing apps for Android enhances those images of your’s to the best level. But not every app is free on the Google Play store. But there are these gems that are free and infact provide you with a pretty good interface and a variety of features including neat filters and vintage looks.  

So in this post we give you the top 3 recommendations of the free Photo Editing Apps for Android that are even better than the paid apps.Check them out and leave a comment…

1) Pixlr

The  Best  in  this  Category.  Offers  almost  every  feature  a  photo editor  should  have. This app  is  developed  and  owned  by  Autodesk  inc.  the  company  that  made  Softwares  like Autocad, Maya etc

Neat user interface,good looking retro and vintage filters and options to change the quality, size and shape, vibrance ,smoothness of the images makes this one of the best photo-editing android apps of all time. It can totally change the looks of your photo and the new looks will totally kill it!

2) PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt  is  a  free  photo  editor ,  photo  grid  and  collage  maker , drawing  tool  and picture art network. It is like an all-in-one collection of multiple editors.The important feautures of this app are as follows:

PicsArt  Collage Maker   allows to  create amazing  collages, using photo grid, free form  collage  maker , or using  photos  on backgrounds.It is one of the powerful photo grid and free form collage making tools on the internet.

3) Aviary

Aviary has some of the most advanced features. Lets take a look at the features of it.


  •  One-tap auto enhance
  •  Gorgeous photo effects and frames
  •  Fun stickers
  •  Color  balance
  •  Crop, rotate, and straighten your  photo
  •  Adjust br ightness, contrast, color  temperatur e, and saturation
  •  Sharpen and blur
  •  Color  temperature (“Warmth”)
  •  Color  Splash
  •  Focus (Tilt Shift)
  •  Draw and add text
  •  Create your own memes
  •  Cosmetic tools: fix redeye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth