Money Making iOS apps

There are a lot of iOS apps around, but out of them only a few of them makes it really big. I mean in terms of revenue or earning.  You won’t believe me if i tell you that the top 200 iOS apps revenue is more than $9,001,403. Yeah it’s real. They might have earning more than that. But there are some iOS apps that made a fortune for their developers or companies. Of all those money making apps, Clash of Clans revenue accounts for almost 16%…!

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People Behind Famous Apps

Now let’s learn about other iOS apps that are making revenue better than us every month.  In the infographic shared below, a comprehensive list of top 16 iOS applications, that are making highest revenues, are mentioned along with some little explanation about their strategies to make such money. So let’s explore the infographic now.

highest earning iOS apps

If you notice properly, all these apps have one thing in common. They make you wait and they make you wait for an eternity. In CoC or Boom Beach, after you’ve reached higher levels(which is the easiest part of the game) it takes day and sometimes a day and a half to get upgraded. I mean this is so ridiculous!! You work hard for days to make so much money and gather resources and then you have to wait for one whole damn day to make the next move.

So, what’s the solution?