10 Surprising Social Media Facts

Social Media or let’s say Social networking became a part of our daily life. There are more Social Media Addicts than Drug Addicts in the world today (based on an internet based survey). That fact alone shows how popular social media became these days. The main problem is that the popularity of social media sites doesn’t seem to decrease but it is rising every second. This rise in popularity is giving birth to new type of social media sites. Remember that all this social media thing didn’t stop with just Facebook and Twitter.¬†

Some unique and concept based social media products like Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram etc.., came into existence only after inspiring from Facebook. Of course, Twitter also played a major role in the play. Now you may think why am i telling all these great things about Facebook and Twitter. It’s because, Facebook and Twitter are like two eyes for Social Media. Of course, there are other famous social networking sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc…; but ¬†they couldn’t dominate Facebook and Twitter in any thing. Let it be uniqueness, design, features, functionality etc…; Facebook and Twitter are the best and beats the rest. Some of you may not agree with me now, but you will eventually.

Let us stop discussing about the greatness of Social Media for now and let’s explore the top 10 surprising social media facts given in the infographic below.


10 Surprising Social Media Facts

Top 10 Surprising Social Media Factsvia: MainStreetHost