Programming Languages

Earlier we have shared with you a few posts such as The History of Programming Languages and also 5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code. Both were based on programming and had a lot of useful info within them. Today in this post i’m gonna share with you an infographic that gives us information about the 10 most popular programming languages in the world as of now.

Most popular programming language among the listed 10 is JAVA and my favorite Python secured 6th spot. Well if you want me to tell you which programming language you should learn then i would suggest you Python, because it’s the best, simple and most productive programming language i have ever learned. In the infographic too, Python is the only language that has no weaknesses listed..!

So it’s time for you decide which programming language you should really adopt after seeing this infographic. Never mind me if you’re already an experienced programmer.

10 Most Popular Programming Languages

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languagesvia: Piktochart