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7 years ago,on 2008,Jan 20,AMC telecasted the pilot of a ground breaking thriller ‘Breaking Bad’ and man…didn’t we love it!

With every season that passed,the show only got better and better and never failed to leave the audience tangled to their seats.

Vince Gilligan has showed his absolute genius in this show and as you read this,he is getting all-ready to release his latest work-“Better Call Saul”. So we figured it would be the perfect time to have a quick peek and relinquish the past by savouring the best moments of what probably is Gilligan’s life-time best work-


I’m gonna be a little heartless here and spoil the shit out of this show,so if you have only started watching it-“This place is not for you,please leave before you discover that Walt dies at the end of the season!”

Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers spoilers,everywhere!

So here it goes-

10)Hank killing Tuco-

Tuco's death.

Tuco’s death.

The epic shootout between Hank and Tuco that ends with Hank shooting the hell out of Tuco ranks 10th on our list of top 10 moments!

09)The airplane crash-

The pink teddy!

The timing!

One of the best plot twists in the show. It left the crowd wondering and on their heels as the mystery of the dead bodies was slowly uncovered. It came out of nowhere and left a sigh of relief to whoever had their thoughts on the lives of key roles.

08)Jane’s death,Holly’s birth.

Jane's death.


One of the more craftily hidden subtle sequence that brings out the irony of life. As Walt heartlessly watches Jane die before his eyes,Skyler delivers Holly,coincidentally a girl child,thus completing the cycle of life and death(well,apparently). The simultaneous birth and death of Jane and Holly respectively and Walt running in an hurry to deliver meth to Gustavo all comes down to make an epic show at ending stages of Season 2.

07)Gale’s death.

Jesse shoots Gale.

Jesse shoots Gale.

They precisely know how to end a season well and keep the fans cribbing to know what happens on the next season. They couldn’t have ended season 3 any better.

06)Victor’s death!

Gus cutting Victors throat.

Gus cutting Victors throat.

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After a breathtaking end to S3,where Walt messes up stuff to save his ass..this happens!

Goes on to show just how much of a cold-blooded animal Gus and how much shit he gave about Walt’s and Jesse’s lives.

05)No half measure.

Walt's rampage.

Walt’s rampage.

White’s character changes n-number of times throughout the show.At the end of s3,he showed his other face,the other killer face. The timing,the way in which he breaks the ice is what makes season 3 on of the most watchable seasons of Breaking Bad.

04)Hanks shootout with the twins,

Hank killing the brothers.

This moment.

“Two men are coming to kill you!”


03)The tweak of chemistry.

Fulminated mercury

This… not meth!

Question-“What do you do when a rouge drug dealer beats the shit out of your partner?”

Ans-“You whoop his ass and beat back the shit out of him”

That’s how bad-ass Walt is. Respect the chemistry!

02)Hank and Gomey’s Death.


Hanks death.

Hanks death.


Hank falls down with a thud as he pulls the trigger despite Walt’s desperate efforts to stop him.

The death of a national hero.

01) Frings’s death!

Le me watching the last episode of S4 Breaking Bad-


Gus walks out of the room…

Gus walking out of after the blast!


..with this face!


Gus face.

His face.


*Jumps out of the chair,screams and rolls all over the floor *


And then the “I won” call by Walt!

"I won"

“I won”

It’s always the small moments that make a great show,and Breaking Bad had tons and tons of small simply awesome moments.

>When Jesse discovers he had been robbed by Huell.

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>When Walter burns down his son’s Mustang just because there was no one to buy it-



>When the Jesse’s ceiling collapses-

As the ceiling collapses.


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And this-

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And this is not even the tip of the iceberg.

If you’ve been with me till here,I’m sure you would’ve enjoyed reading this.

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Tune in for more.

Thank you!