Future Tech

A golden and awesome future is upon us. We have already witnessed the birth and rise of cool new technologies like 3D printing, Augmented Reality (Google Glass for example), Robot Cars etc..; and we will see more and advanced stuff like that in the near future. There will be Holographic displays like we’ve seen in Iron Man movie and there will be flying cars roaming above our roofs. Electronics devices will get a complete design change and the ones we have now will look like child’s toys in the not so far future.  These imaginations aren’t  one of my daily day dreams, but these are some of the technologies that we will experience in the future.

Future tech will be completely Eco friendly. We don’t need to charge our smartphone batteries every day. Just charge once and forget for the rest of your life. That’s how the technology will be developed in the future. This example is just another view of how advanced future tech will be.

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Instead of me explaining every future technology why not just learn about them by watching the video below. This video shows us 10 mind blowing technologies and it’s created by the YouTube channel Hybrid Librarian. I recommend you to subscribe to that channel.