Crazy and Mad Scientists

Science is the one thing that changed the course of humans to a brighter path. Of course we can’t ignore the hard work of scientists. They are like aleins on Earth trying to achieve success at what they do. But there are some who will do anything to prove themselves true and to become successfull. Some of them are also doctors. So this list is about Ten Craziest and Evil Scientists who did bizarre things to prove themselves worthy.

(PG-13: If you are a child under 13 you may find this info disturbing, so please i advice you to read it under parental guidance)

1) Stubbins Ffirth

Stubbins Ffirth Mad Scientist


Stubbins Ffirth (1784-1820) is a doctor who is most known for his bizarre investigations of the epidemic disease Yellow Fever. Ok first of all if you are eating anything while reading this my recommendation would be better stop that or read this after you’ve done eating.

Now i think you are done eating or eventually stopped i’m going to reveal you why Stubbins Ffirth got top rank in this list. Because Stubbins Ffirth used to “Drink the Vomit of Yellow Fever Patients.”

He used to argue that Yellow Fever was not an infectious disease and to prove himself he drank the vomit of yellow fever patients and sometimes made the patients to urinate and sometimes spill the blood of patients on his face. Many thought his theories were true because he was not infected by yellow fever.

But it’s actually proved to be wrong because Yellow Fever is actually caused by Mosquito Bite. I know what you are thinking about the doctor right now. Bizarre, stubborn and crazy guy indeed.

2) Sergei Bryukhonenko

Sergei Bryukohenko


Actually He is the one who was responsible for the development of open heart surgery. He was also known as Dog Decapitator. His cruel experiments on dogs lead to the development of open heart procedures. He was a soviet scientist born on 1890 and lived till 1960.

He created a machine called Autojector. Autojector is a heart and lungs machine.

With this machine Sergei kept the heads of many dogs alive. Now you may say that “Wait a minute dog head’s alive..!

Yes Sergei used to decapitate the dog’s head and still make it live using his device Autojector.

In 1928, he displayed his invention in front of audience. When he put a light on the head of dog, the eyes blinked and when it fed something it eventually came out of the esophageal tube, so disgusting isn’t it. Oh did i warn you this time.

This is the main bizarre reason why he is given second spot in our list.

3) Robert J. White

Robert J. white



Robert White was a American neurosurgeon best known for his head transplants on Monkeys. Yes you heard it correct again. He used to transplant head of one monkey into the body of another monkey. Awww…!

Robert was born in 1926 and died in 2010. Wait 2010 i never heard of him.!

His extensive years of research on human nervous system and brain led to the discovery of spinal cord cooling process which is used by all medical institutions today.

Robert J. White at first used to experiment on dog heads and after a series of experiments he moved onto monkeys. In 1964 he transplanted the brain of one dog into the neck of another. Oh no i don’t want to hear this anymore..!

O.k then let’s move onto the next Bizarre scientist.

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4) Harry Harlow




Harry Frederick Harlow born in 1905 and died in 1981 also known as Monkey torturer. His main aim was to find what is love and to find that he used to experiment on rhesus monkey babies and their mothers, to find the nature of love between them. Now you may think again so why would you consider him as a bizarre scientist. If you want the answer read the below note.

Harry Harlow was known as Monkey Torturer because he used to torture the the monkeys in all known possible ways. He had a machine called “Rape Rack” in his lab. That’s the name harry used to call the forced mating machine he used for the monkeys.

Another bizarre and also weird and cruel thing is Harlow used to put the baby monkeys in a box called as “Pit of Despair” where the baby monkey spends her entire childhood lonely without any contact with another living creature which eventually led the monkeys to become Psychotic and never recovered again.

That’s really so cruel. Hmm maybe he should get the 1st place in this list.


5)Johann Konrad Dippel

Johann Conrad Dippel



Johann Konrad Dippel was born in 1673 in the Frankenstein castle, a place near Germany. Wait a minute now, do you really mean Frankenstein yes man i mean it. He is also said to be the model for Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein.”

He studied various subjects such as alchemy, theology, philosophy, he created an animal oil made of bones, blood and many of animals organs and named it as Dippel’s Oil. Many supposed that oil was the alchemist’s dream of “elixir of life”.

However there are also rumors that he also sometimes involved with body parts of humans. Oh my god human organs. That’s gross and that too in large scale creating something like man made soup with organs of humans.

6) Giovanni Aldini

Giovanni Aldini


Giovanni was also known as Corpse re-animator. Yes what you just read is correct. He once reanimated (i mean bought back into life) a corpse which shook the audience trembling with fear.

Giovanni was born at Bologna in Northern Italy on 1762. Oh that’s too old. yeah it is and he died in 1834. His scientific works are mostly concerned on Galvanism.

Galvanism was actually discovered by his uncle Luigi Galvani while experimenting with electrical currents on frog legs.

Giovanni Aldini took this concept further more by experimenting on corpses.Once he conducted an experiment in front of audience on a hung murderer George Forster. He inserted two conducting rods in to the man’s rectum whereby the corpse began to punch the air and the legs began to tremble themselves. When rods are applied to the face, the left eye popped open. This incident made several people tremble with fear and there is a rumor that one guy is dead after watching this. People also thought that the murderer actually came back to life and he should be hanged again.


7) Shiro Ishii

Shiri ishii


Double Evil:

Shiro Ishii was born in the former Shibayama Village of Sanbu District in Chiba Prefecture in Japan. He eventually became a microbiologist and lieutenant general of unit 731 a biological warfare unit of imperial Japanese army during the second sino Japanese war.

Under his command numerous crimes and cruel things were done some of them are : Vivisection of living people, amputating the limbs of prisoners and attaching them to other body parts. Many of them were also treated as test cases for grenades and flame throwers. Prisoners again were injected with viruses and vaccinations to know the effects.

He was never been jailed for his crimes and died at the age of 67 because of throat cancer.


8)Werner Forssmann




In my opinion Werner Forssmann was the craziest scientist ever. But why he is not top on the list, it’s because maybe he is not bizarre enough. He was born in 1904 and died in 1979. He can be termed as an equal competitor for Stubbins Ffirth anyone remember him, he was very famous because he is the top of our list.

He is the one who invented the technique of cardiac catheterization and tested it first time by himself, on himself. Now anyone had an idea what the heck is cardiac catheterization?. My answer is go to school again. Just kidding, Cardiac catheterization is a process of inserting a narrow long tube into an artery in the arm and threaded through the circulatory system right into the heart. After the process it was used for drug delivering and imaging process of heart.

We can literally say this process as “Sticking something into your heart.” Werner Forssmann really did this successfully on himself with the help of a nurse. Actually the experiment was meant for nurse but the crazy Werner did that to himself.

9)Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons



Both Crazy and Evil:

His actual name is John Whiteside Parsons but better known as Jack Parsons. He was born Marvel Whiteside Parsons in October 2, 1914 . He was an American rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology and a pioneer in solid rocket fuel research and development. He was one of the principal founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Corp.

O.K his introduction looks cool then why the heck he is included in this great bizarre and craziest scientists list. Hey please be patient man read below.

The main reason was he used to practice magic and called himself an Antichrist. Yes he was really into magic, he used to place himself between circle of candles(the witches thing.)

He actually did not have any education at all but still manged to develop a new rocket fuel. There is also a rumor that before every rocket experiment he used to chant and invoke the Greek god pan (half goat,half man creature thing). The tragedy of his life is his death in 1952 which was caused by chemical explosion before which he summoned Pan the Greek god. May be Pan is sleeping at that time, who knows.


10) Kevin Warwick

kevin warwick


Craziest of them all:

He may not seem that much crazy or Bizarre to you ,instead he may seem cool enough. Because he was termed as the First Human Cyborg and he is the only one who is still living among the scientists mentioned in this list. Kevin was born in 1954 in UK. He is a professor of Cybernetics at the University of cybernetics in United Kingdom. He loves robotics so much which led eventually to develop a interface system between chips and human nervous system.

On 1998, a simple RFID transmitter was inserted beneath his skin and used to control lights, heaters an computer controlled devices within his proximity range.

On 2002 more complex interface was inserted into his nervous system which eventually was a successful experiment. The signal produced during the experiment was more enough for the Robotic arm to mimic the actions of warwick’s own arm. His experiments are still going on and improving day to day.

Embedding electronics into himself seems crazy enough. Let’s hope he may become Arnold Schwarzenegger one day(just kidding).

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