Top 10 ad networks for websites

An advertising network helps in connecting publishers and advertisers interested in advertisements. This network provides every advertiser with the skill to reach a large audience for increasing sales and website traffic. The arrangement is jointly beneficial. Basically, an advertising network is a series of connections concerned with publishers, advertisers, users and agencies.

It is a platform that enables an advertiser in creating awareness about their brand as well as promoting it amid the target audience. An effective advertising option comprises of email campaigns, display advertising, social marketing advertising campaign and search engine marketing.

Best advertising networks

1) Google Adsense

This is the most popular, in fact the largest publisher advertising network that helps in serving highly targeted ads for websites, mobile applications, games, search engine result pages and blogs. Here payments are made through EFT and Check and the minimum expenditure is $100. This network pays a very high rate of CPC to the publishers. Google Adsense is highly beneficial for those who have a website or a blog. Through this they can make a decent amount of money. And all those who are looking forward to promote their product or site via Google Adsense can do it right away by simply signing up on this network.

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2) Clicksor

This is one of the most renowned advertising networks where a website owner can get a wide array of advertisements for their sites. It offers assorted ad types and ad formats for web publishers. For those owning a website or having a blog, they can monetize their site with the help of Clicksor. Here the payments are made online 15 days mode through Wire Transfer, PayPal among others. One can use PPV ads, CPM ads and CPC ads to monetize their sites.

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3) Infolinks

This is another popular advertising network that approves any website rapidly. Here the payment is made online on net one month basis through PayPal or other payment processors and the minimum payment is just $50. If one gets the much needed traffic, he/she can earn a decent amount of money on the net by presenting in-text advertisements on their website content.

4) Adcash

Although Adcash is referred as an alternative to the leading advertising network Google Adsense, it can approve a website much quicker compared to Google Adsense. Here the payment is made through PayPal on net one month basis and the minimum payout is just €100.

5) Zedo

This is one of the most prevalent advertising serving websites where generally a small business proprietor promotes their products. Along with helping one in building their own advertising platform especially for those who are planning to start their own ad network, Zedo also provides outstanding advertising serving tools for the publishers. Further it also helps advertising networks in delivering highly targeted ads.

6) Bidvertiser

Being one amongst the oldest advertising platforms, Bidvertiser just like Adcash is also a substitute to Google Adsense. It offers four different ways to monetize a website namely text ads or banner, referral program, xml feeds and sponsored toolbar for a web browser. Here the minimum payout is just $10.

7) Smowtion

This is a leading CPM advertising network that helps in delivering a highly targeted advertisement on the website. This network serves a CPM based ad implying that one will be paid for creating more page views. Regarded as an unsurpassed ad network online, Smowtion aids webmasters in monetizing their website with pertinent CPM ads. It easily accepts every type of website and blog. Here the payment is made through PayPal on net one month basis.

8) Chitika

Although there are ample alternatives to Google Adsense, but Chitika is considered as the best substitute as it very quickly approves a website. This network pays on a click basis. Here the payment is received through Check and PayPal and the minimum payout is just $10. It has many striking features. One of the plus points of Chitika is that monetizing websites with the help of this ad network can give user’s additional revenue. Secondly, if one’s website receives over 5k page views on a daily basis, their site will then be accepted as a gold member and they will receive high rates on every click. Depending on a couple of factors such as the website content, website traffic, advertisers’ budget and the geographical location of the user, this ad network pays above $. 50 for every click. This is one of the finest online advertising networks that work wonders in helping one to earn easy cash from their website or blog.

9) Tribalfusion

This is an outstanding CPM based advertising network that pays users a high rate for presenting impression based ads on their website but this requires good traffic as a result prior to joining the site as a publisher, the user must carefully read their requirements.

10) Buysellads

This highest paying ad network can pay users a good amount for displaying their advertisements. Here the payment is received through wire transfer and PayPal and the minimum payout is just $50.

Update : 11) Yahoo ads

You can also consider Yahoo ads or Contextual Ads too. This network offers a wide variety of Ad formats with high Cpm more than most of the networks out there.  The minimum payout is $100 via Paypal or Wire on net 30 basis.

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