Tips to Secure Android Device:

Android is arguably the most popular Platform. When compared to other platforms such as iOS,Windows 8, more     than 70% of users are used to Android. This increased popularity in a short span of time had resulted in increased threats. So It is truly said that where there are pros, cons automatically arise. Same happens in case of an Android device too. For the daily use users download new games apps, wallpapers, themes like rainmeter themes for PC and so on. But they are also installing some apps accidentally that harms their device and turns vulnerable to various threats.  But there are some easy ways to secure your device. In this article I have listed some easy ways with which you can secure your Android device

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Always lock your Android Device

The first and the simplest way is to lock your device. You can get a bunch of options for lock screen security like- pattern, pin, face detection to unlock and many more .. Whenever you lose or misplace your device, this is the best way to keep your data safe from any outsider. Pin pattern uses the encrypted data of the text, but is not much preferred. While on the other side more than 68% users use the pattern lock and is found relevant than any other. Make a pattern of your own and use it to unlock your device.

Install a trusted Antivirus Application

To ensure that your android device is secure, it’s better to install an Antivirus App. They help you to secure your device and generate a warning when they find a threat. Lookout, Avast and Avg are some of the examples of antivirus softwares for your phone. These softwares checks out the malicious code, checks installed apps against database harm and protects your phone.

Make sure to Install Apps from Trusted Sources

Many Android are releasing everyday, but not all are trustworthy. Use only such apps that are from trusted developers. Downloading non secured apps can bring a threat or a virus for your phone. Moreover you should read the terms of condition and privacy before downloading the app.

Avoid Using unsecured Free Wi-Fi

The main reason to doubt about security is over the wireless network. This free and convenient use of Wi-Fi is better but comes with much risk for your device. People using the same network can view what you’re operating from your phone. The same plague happens to your desktop and laptop also. So it is always advisable to turn off the Wi-Fi and use the secured one.

Use Smartphone Built-in security Functions

Above all the given ways of securing, what is more important is the way by using built in security functions. Configure your Android device by proper location and security settings. Always keep in mind that using the built in security options are better than trusting any other secure methods.

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