Ecommerce store designing tips

Due to advances in modern technology, anyone can now set up and run an online Ecommerce store. However, success in eCommerce does not come automatically. To attract customers, boost your sales and make profits, you need to have a well-designed eCommerce site. The following are some tips which will help you improve the design of your site.

1. Display your products well

You need to design your ecommerce store with your customers in mind. When visitors land on the pages of your site, they should be able to immediately figure out what you are offering. You could consider drawing attention to your special offers using flash presentations. If you offer, a money back guarantee, free trials or free shipping, you need to display this information prominently on your pages. In addition, make sure all your product categories are listed on your homepage. A good example is MotoCMS website templates which lists its products in categories such as medical, educational, hosting, wedding, media, agriculture and games, among others.

2. Cross-sell

Cross selling can be a very powerful way of increasing your sales. This strategy is especially effective for online stores that sell products which complement each other. For instance, you might have an online store which sells women’s clothes. If the buyer adds a blouse to their shopping cart, you could use a pop-up to suggest lingerie. Therefore, cross selling enables you to increase your average sale per customer.

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3. Enhance usability

When designing your ecommerce site, focus on making it as user-friendly as possible. Use intuitive navigation which will enable visitors to move from one page to another with ease. If customers have a good experience browsing your site, they are likely to buy and even return. Make sure the shopping cart remains visible throughout the whole checkout process. Remember to give shoppers the freedom to add or delete items from the cart. Finally, once they have paid for the product, be sure to offer a ‘continue shopping’ option.

4. Give assurance of security

Nowadays, identity theft has become a common crime in cyberspace. As a result, many people are not very enthusiastic about the whole idea of online shopping. To convince customers to buy from your store, you need to offer assurance that their personal information will be protected. The best way of securing your site is by adding a SSL certificate from a recognized provider. When visitors know that your site is protected by a credible firm, they might be more willing to do business with you.

5. Make registration optional

Many eCommerce stores require visitors to create an account first before accessing the product pages. However, forcing visitors to submit their details at the onset might only end up driving them away. As a result, you are likely to lose a potential customer. It would therefore be advisable to give customers the option of checking out without signing up. You can still capture their contact details at a later stage to confirm the order or send other offers.

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