ThoughtBuzz Social Media Management

If you are a persistent reader of FactsnFakes (I hope you are), then you might’ve already noticed that we are not much into social media marketing. Even though every website or a blog needs consistent social media analysis and promotions to survive in the competition, we somehow made it this far, without concentrating much on those aspects. However times are changing everyday and we too agreed to put some considerable effort into building the social media presence of our brand “FactsnFakes.”

To do that, we need to analyze our website’s social media signals completely and then plan our plan of action to improve our presence. However, that process takes a lot of work and time, not to mention the cost. This is where, ThoughtBuzz came to our rescue. ThoughtBuzz is a social media monitoring and management tool for websites and brands. Even though ThoughtBuzz is best suited for large organizations and companies, it is also useful to every blogger or website owner on the internet.  So, we signed up for their service and discovered how bad our social signs were all these days. Thanks to ThoughtBuzz, now we have made our own plans to increase social media presence of FactsnFakes, with the valuable data gathered from it. Let’s talk more about the features and functioning of ThoughtBuzz and how it can help brands and websites to increase their social media signals.

Features of ThoughtBuzz

ThoughtBuzz is a Singapore based digital media agency operating through various offices around the world and has been in the industry since 2005. ThoughtBuzz Social Media Management Tools  helps anyone to visualize their brand’s social media presence in a simple and more powerful way. It provides information related to engagement, reach, fans, real time information etc..; At present, ThoughtBuzz supports four major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Most of the social media analytics tools won’t provide the ability to analyze the Instagram account of a brand. Considering this fact, we can say that ThoughtBuzz is way ahead of it’s competitors.

After signing up for ThoughtBuzz, we’ve integrated our Facebook page to check the data that it provides. Just a minute after integrating our page, we’ve got a wide variety of data regarding our page. Below are a few screenshots of the analytics provided by ThoughtBuzz’s robots.

ThoughtBuzz Social Media Management  ThoughtBuzz Social Media Management

Cross Platform Analytics

Identifying Influencers

Real Time Monitoring Reports

Complete history about social media profiles

Social Auditing

Lead Generation

Multiple Social Media Profiles


There are a lot more features available on ThoughtBuzz, but the ones I’ve mentioned above were found to be the most useful for us. ThoughtBuzz provides both free and premium version which helps the user to test their platform, before continuing with their service.  But I can assure you that ThoughtBuzz provides complete value for your money.

Well, that’s all about ThoughtBuzz platform for now. Hope you’ve found it useful. If yes, then please share it with your fellow bloggers and friends. And also don’t forget to leave your comment below. Thank you.