We all wanted to try those cool Gadgets in Science Fiction movies at least once. Be it Star Wars dangerous Lightsaber or Spider man’s Web Slinger or Iron man’s awesome Jarvis, we all wanted to try them at least once once in our lifetime. Well, i can’t guarantee you about these Sci-Fi Gadgets, whether they will be created or not. But i can say one thing for sure and that is “There are already a lot of Sci-Fi Gadgets that exist in real world..!”

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For example, think about a camera that captures 360 degree images or a gadget that can make us understand dogs through human speech (You saw this in the movie “Up”), they are all real thinking of them alone makes you amaze and excited(and of course they have their own limitations). Who thought technology will advance in such a fast pace in a short time.

So, in the today’s infographic we present you with 13 awesome Sci-Fi Gadgets you won’t believe that they already exist for real. Don’t forget to comment if you  know about other Sci-Fi gadgets in real. Hey please share this with your friends too. That’s all for today. Thank you 🙂

Sci-Fi Gadgets

13 Sci-Fi Gadgets via: WhoIsHostingThis