The theory of everything movie review!

Stephen Hawking’s epic love tale!

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I love movies with abrupt endings which leave most of the conclusions to be made by the viewers. Big Marvel fan. Occasional rom-com watcher, like when my girl-friends (The hyphen wields lot of power) really push me. I’m gay for Christopher & Jonathan Nolan. Vishal Bharadwaj is the best thing that happened to Bollywood.

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Waddup friend? I’m doing The Theory Of Everything. Suit up! (Yeah yeah, it doesn’t make sense , I just like saying it)

“Science” says Hawking (Eddie Redmayne).

“Arts” says Jane (Felicity Jones).

“English” says Hawking.

“French and Spanish” says Jane.


That is the beginning of a language without words, love.



So who is Hawking? He’s a cosmologist. “What is that?” is a common question between Jane and the audience.

“It’s a religion for intelligent atheists” Hawking replies to both.


There lies the first conflict for Jane is a part of Church of England. But love doesn’t require the overlapping of religious beliefs when it is the only thing that can travel through black holes even when light cannot.



Sometimes God does put the dice in a bad mood. Hawking soon will be treated with Motor Neuron disease and the doctor gives him only two year chances of survival.

Just when things start to turn black and hopeless , love comes to rescue. Jane makes it clear to everyone that she is strong enough to handle anything that comes in her way and that she shall fight the disease with Stephen together.



Realizing quickly how he is so fortunate to have a caring wife beside him, Hawking is more determined to work hard and voila, he gets a PhD and gives the world the Hawking Radiation.



In the meantime, he also fathers three children with Jane (I always wondered how he could do that since he was you know wheelchair bound. Apparently the disease doesn’t affect something that happens automatic. “Explains a lot about men” his friend Brian (Harry Lloyd) tells)  even though his condition worsens day by day which drives Jane to get help in the form of the very attractive church choir teacher, Jonathan.

A crippled husband with an extraordinary mind and a handsome help under one roof. Whom would you choose? Jane, only as a normal human develops feelings for Jonathan over time. Hawking suddenly falls sick with Pneumonia and Jane makes the decision of buying Hawking some time at the cost of his voice. Did Jane do it out of the guilt she felt for having feelings for Jonathan or did she truly, unconditionally love Hawking still? Or did she respect Hawking’s brain a little too much? We’ll never know.

But one things is for sure. Apart from love, Hawking was saved by time later on.


The times his wife spent with Jonathan made him realize how Jane needed some normal time like the rest of the normal people.

The times he spent with his nurse made him realize how his wife deserved more.


The time he spent thinking about time, the beginning of universe led him to the book The Brief History Of Time.


Looking at these times we realize how Hawking’s heart burst with colors so bright instead of burying a black hole inside it, how he was so open minded that it had no bounds. Maybe that quality in him played a little role in his theory of how the universe had no boundaries.


According to relativity, the universe is expanding constantly as time runs forwards. If we wind back the runtime of this movie in reverse we can witness the origin of the real Stephen Hawking’s universe . That one moment which made him possible to publish a book which sold over a million copies and to still be searching for a single theory that explains everything.



On a scale of one to five The Brief History Of Time books, I rate this move 4 The Brief History Of Time books!  


The Theory Of Everything for 87th Academy Awards:

The Theory Of Everything has been nominated in five categories.


1. Best Picture

12 Years A Slave won it last year.


2. Actor – In a Leading Role

Matthew McConaughey won it for Dallas Buyers Club last year.


3. Actress – In a Leading Role 

Cate Blanchett won it last year for Blue Jasmine.


4. Music – Original Score

Steven Price won it for Gravity last year.


5. Writing – Adapted Screenplay

John Ridley won it for 12 Years A Slave last year.