The Imitation Game!

The Imitation Game!

To the new readers :

The problem with movie reviews is that it is the opinion of one person which influences many others whether to watch someone’s work or not. Hence, it’s very essential for you to know about me to agree with my view of a cinema.

So here it goes :

I love movies with abrupt endings which leave most of the conclusions to be made by the viewers. Big Marvel fan. Occasional rom-com watcher, like when my girl-friends (The hyphen wields lot of power) really push me. I’m gay for Christopher & Jonathan Nolan. Vishal Bharadwaj is the best thing that happened to Bollywood.

Mindbenders over masala.

Engaging over entertaining.

Poetic essence over pot boilers.

If you feel we are in the same bandwidth of a large spectrum of reviews to which you have access to, please do continue. If not, big bare hands to you sir/madam.

To others:

Waddup friend? I’m doing The Imitation Game. Suit up! (Yeah yeah, it doesn’t make sense , I just like saying it)



It is very common to present a 120 odd minutes of drama and be judged, even by a jobless person like me. But when the protagonist asks you to listen to him with utmost concentration -because he is not going to repeat himself (duh)- and watch till the end to judge him, you just know shit just got serious and of course when you see the ‘Based on a true story’ tagline in the beginning. That is exactly what Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) asks you to do.


Set in the times of war between Hitler, Britain and the USA , Alan is a prodigy mathematician who bags a chance to work for the British Government on a top secret  mission (I’m not gonna reveal it because it is top secret dummy). Joined by four gentlemen (Of whom one is important because he is a double agent ) and a lady (Important because, common she’s a pretty lady), they try to solve the enigma but by tackling many obstacles obviously!


Otherwise how would they build us the suspense? The obstacles are in the form of the double agent revealing that Alan is homosexual (apparently the word gay wasn’t discovered yet), Commander Denniston being a bully waiting for any chance to get Alan fired ( These Lannisters I tell you :/ )


Told adjacently at three different times, The Imitation Game makes you truly believe sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine. In the end we get to judge who Alan Truring is.

Is he a machine? A person? A war-hero? Or is he a criminal?


Coming to the top secret, it’s Enigma. (A capital E makes such difference! Mind=blown)


One of my friends suggested that being a prodigy is too much sadness and reading so much makes us a psycho pointing at Alan Turing but what I saw was a person who saw Christopher in Enigma or Enigma in Christopher, a manchild with the mind of a genius and a heart of a kid. Alan was never alone. He was coupled with the copper wires of Enigma.


On a scale of one to five Turing machines, I rate this movie 4 Turing machines!


The Imitation game for  87th Academy Awards:

The Imitation Game has been nominated in eight categories.

1. Best Picture

12 Years A Slave won it last year.


2. Actor in a Leading Role

Matthew McConaughey won it for Dallas Buyers Club last year.


3. Actress in a Supporting Role

Lupita Nyong’o won it for 12 Years A Slave last year.


4. Directing

Alfonso Cuarón won it for Gravity last year.


5. Film Editing

Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Sanger won it for Gravity last year.


6. Music – Original Score

Steven Price won it for Gravity last year.


7. Production Design 

Beverley Dunn and Catherine Martin won it for The Great Gatsby last year.


8. Writing – Adapted Screenplay

John Ridley won it for 12 Years A Slave last year.