The History Of Programming Languages

Learning a programming language used to be a tedious task in the past. But it’s not anymore. We just need a computer with internet access and we can get all the resources we need to learn programming on our own. Thanks to the contributions of various authors,content writers and different innovative websites like and, learning a programming language became simpler than anything. Even YouTube had a lot of stuff to help us learn programming languages. Of course one should put considerable effort to master it.

Well, we’ve been talking about learning programming languages for a while now and why not learn about some history of programming languages. ┬áLet’s start with some simple trivia and then let us check out the infographic below after that.

In 1893, Ada Lovelace credited with first programming language. She wrote an Algorithm for the Analytical engine(early mechanical computer). Who said that Women were not encouraged in old times ? Let me tell you one thing , never ever underestimate a women and remember this forever.

A bunch of programming languages were developed and this again increased the growth of software industry. Most popular programming language on this day is considered to be JAVA. But my favorites are Python and Ruby. I would also recommend them to you.

So now i think we have talked enough and it’s time to check out the infographic below. There is also comparison between programming languages.

History Of Programming Languages

The History of Programming Languagesvia: Veracode