The Future of Mobile Technology

Mobile technology became a part of our daily life and to be frank we’re quite addicted to them. Everyone uses a Mobile or a Smartphone or whatever the tech term it has now. But did you know that the first handheld mobile phones were first invented in 1983 ? In 1983, Motorola releases the DynaTAC 8000X , also known as BRICK . You may or may not know about it. But you should remember this info, for old times sake. Mobile Technology has traveled a long way to reach this point. Today we’re using Touch Screen Smartphones with different kinds of Operating systems and different kinds of specifications. We can say that the evolution of mobile technology will continue in the same way as of now. The feature evolved in mobiles which i like most is the Camera. Yes, definitely without this feature there won’t be any selfies, everyone has to carry a large camera and that would be awful. Let’s talk a few words about the today’s topic ┬áThe Future of Mobile Technology.

The future seems really great and awesome in case of mobile technology, already the popularity of new bendable, flexible and wearable tech seems to be rising everyday and every big tech company had plans for them. Google is the first one in the compete here with it’s new Google Glass and there is the always the infamous pebble and also Apple has already patented the iWatch, which could incorporate the function of iPhone into a simple watch.

Apart from all these new features, one main thing we should be happy about the future’s tech is Security. Security will be better in future than any other timeline (We all knew it already.) Anyway to know more about Future of Mobile Technology, i suggest you to check the infographic below. It gives out a lot of info regarding the future of mobile technology.

The Future of Mobile Technology

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