The Evolution of Arcade Games

Did you know that SKEE BALL, the original arcade game was invented by J.D Estes in Philadelphia? When Pinball machines were first invented, they were also referred as “Games of Chance” in some places, because there were no flippers at first. Pinball machines were actually banned at some places especially new York, because it was considered as gambling. In actually in 1947, when flippers were included in Pinball machines. Galaxy Game was the first ever coin-operated video game that was installed at Stanford University in 1971. But Pong released in 1972, became the first ever commercially successful coin-operated video game and it led the way to video games replacing Pinball machines. Just a little bit of trivia for you.

However, the infographic presented below gives us all the information we needed about the evolution of arcade games 1909 to 2013. If you are a gamer and especially a fan of arcade games, then you will definitely like this infographic.


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The Evolution of Arcade Games

The Evolution Of Arcade Games


via: M&P Amusement