cost of living on moon

Mankind’s first personal interaction with the moon happened in 1969, July 20. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon on that day with the help of Apollo 11, the spaceflight that landed the first humans on the moon. From that day onward, we have achieved a lot of success related to space adventures. With that inspiration, Scientists around the world now wants us to live on the moon.

It is every man’s dream to step his foot on the moon atleast once in his lifetime. Forget stepping on it,  it will cost millions or may be billions to travel to the moon. But scientists everywhere making everything ready to actually live on the moon. Who knows may be in the future we will abandon earth and live on the moon. Let’s wait for that day anyway.

The infographic below gives us all the information we need to know about the cost of living on the moon.

The Cost of Living on the Moon

Cost of living on moon infographicvia: BuddyLoans