It’s a well known fact that many sports enthusiasts are incredibly fanatical about the teams and sports they follow. So much so that they often schedule their lives around live sporting events so that they make sure that they won’t miss them.

With the explosion of mobile technology and widespread Internet access, sports fans now have more options for watching their favorite games and matches even when they can’t stay at home or get to their favorite sports bar.

Note : This list is outdated now. So we recommend you to check this article about 10 websites to watch live tv on laptop . 

Here are four of the best free apps available for Android smartphone and tablet users that allow sports fans to stream live sporting events no matter where they are and how far away there are from their television set or team’s stadium.

1)Sport Live Stream

This is easily one of the best and most complete Android apps for finding every free stream of sporting events available online and gaining access to them immediately. Sport Live Stream supports a great majority of the most popular streaming sites and brings the experience straight to your phone or tablet. No matter what sports you like most, American, European or otherwise, there’s a good chance that you will find the game you are interested in watching with the help of this app.

2)SPORT TV Original 

Sport TV is another great app that continues to make progress in bringing you great streaming support with each new update the app introduces. Not only does it work with most of the best streaming sites, but it also offers quick access to news and scores if you don’t have time to watch a game and want to just take a quick peek at what’s happening in the game.

3)CoolStreaming TV

This is a streaming app for television channels and it supports almost 300 different ones. Of course, there are plenty of sports channels included. This might be a good app if you are looking to give other family members or friends something to watch as well, without missing out on the sporting events that you want to watch. It’s definitely the most versatile streaming live video app in terms of content.


Here we have an app that is simply the mobile version of one of the most popular internet sites for streaming sports, Naturally, this channel is best for sports that Italians follow and there won’t be much of American sports. But if you like tennis, European football, basketball, handball and swimming most, this should do just fine. The app also offers game schedules, news, score tickets, interviews and even highlights from important games. There is also an archive of sport videos that you can access for free at any time.