Solve Rubiks cube in 20 moves

I think its my 12th year, when i first knew about Rubiks Cube. I thought it’s a real easy thing to solve and immediately bought one (of course, my parents bought it). Then i spent a whole day tying to solve it and decided myself that its not up to my league and left it. Now, almost 10 years after i found a simple way to solve Rubik’s cube in just 20 moves. Yeah that’s for real.

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This morning i came across an infographic on fixr, which guides us to solve Rubiks cube in just 20 moves. I found this interesting and immediately thought of sharing this with you. I haven’t tested whether this works or not(because i threw my only Rubiks cube and really don’t wanna buy another one), so i want you to test it and tell me.

Update: After seeing this infographic, i also searched in YouTube and found a lot of easy videos, that helps us to solve Rubiks cube in a minute. I should’ve known this already, I think i’m living in a cave all these days. 🙂

Solve Rubik's Cube in 20 moves