Sold State Drives Versus Hard Disk Drives

Hard disk drives and solid state drives are two methods of storing information, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between them requires some additional information, as well as comparisons between the two.

What are Hard Drive Disks?


Hard Disk Drives

Hard disk drives are essentially spinning hard drives that comprises the storage that does not change on a computer. It is different from system memory because anything saved to the hard drive disk will not disappear when the computer has been turned off. They consist of flat metal disks that are coated with a magnetic substance. The magnetic substance will store all of the data that is sent to it. This data can be re-accessed by an arm that has a read/write head. It will pull out the information as the disks spin. 


What are Solid State Drives?



Solid state drives are similar to hard disk drives in that they store information after the computer has been turned off so that it can be accessed at a later time. However, instead of being comprised of spinning disks that are coated with a magnetic substance, the data storage center consists of a small, flash memory chip that is connected with the computer. This chip can either be permanently installed within the computer and unable to be removed, or it can be on a PCI card in larger computers that is able to be moved. It can also be inserted into a machine’s hard drive, which is the most common iteration of a solid state drive.

Comparisons Between SSDs and HDDs :


Solid state drives are exceedingly expensive. A 1TB hard disk drive will cost around $75, while a 1TB solid state drive costs $600. The reason for this is because hard disk drives have been established for a longer period of time and perfected so that they will not be as expensive.


Hard disk drives tend to fail a great deal faster than solid state drives, which results in them needing to be replaced more frequently. Should a solid state drive fail, which is highly unlikely, there is data recovery software available that will allow any lost information to be regained and used. Check out some reviews here.

Maximum Capacity

Hard disk drives are able to hold much more storage than solid state drives, which tend to max out around a very expensive 1TB. Hard disk drives, at least for the present, provide a larger amount of storage space for a cheaper price.


Solid state drives will load faster than hard disk drives every time. Even the largest packages of information can be loaded within seconds off of a solid state drive. A hard disk drive requires time to speed up and will never actually reach the speed of a solid state drive. Solid state drives allow computers to launch applications and perform at a higher level.


Hard disk drives create noise, even if they are the quietest on the market. Solid state drives are perfectly silent.


Conclusion :  

So next time when you are confused to choose between an SSD and an HDD, just remember this points. Any for another 3-5 years Hard Disk Drives may exist.

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