Simple Method to earn money online

Previously we have published a few articles and infographics related to make money online on FactsnFakes. In today’s post we are going to show you how to earn a few bucks online without any much big work. To use this method you don’t need any website, YouTube channel, a Kindle book, or anything like that. Even a newbie to the internet world can make a few or more money using this method. I have applied this method before and worked for me like a charm, which earned me couple hundred bucks in no time. With a little bit of hard work you can do it too. I have shown how to do it in a few simple steps. So let’s check those now. You can also watch the video below which is also available on our YouTube Channel realfactsnfakes


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Step 1 :

As i have told you earlier you don’t need any extra things like a Website, all you need to have is an account on every Social Media Websites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter. If you already have accounts on these sites then process to the next step.

Step 2 :

Visit this link and sign up for a new account on that site.

Step 3 :

The last thing is to share interesting, trending and awesome news and gossips with your friends on your social media accounts. But you need to share it in the way i tell you now.

Next is to visit and see what is the trending news at present in your country, in U.S.A and also Worldwide. Now click on the trending searches and this will take you to a new website. If this takes you to a Google Search instead of a website then click the first link available on Google search.

Step 4 :

Copy the url of the page visited and paste it onto a new notepad file. Now you have to login to account that  site i told you before to sign up. If you haven’t signed up already then you can find the link in the step 2.  Log in and shorten the url the you have pastes in the notepad and share this new shortened link on your social media accounts. If your friends views it, then you will get a few cents. More view then more money.

That’s how it goes and this is by far the simplest method you can hear about making money on Internet.Watch the video to understand this method more easily. Thanks and happy Christmas in advance 🙂