Bad Seo Practices



Search engine optimization has spread across websites that are striving to gain the top position in the search engine results. However, despite of the popularity of this strategy, there are still site merchants who don’t know the right tactics of doing so. If you are much into SEO processes, you will be shocked to know that most of the tricks that you follow are actually damaging the ranking of your site. It is necessary to understand those activities, so that your site is not pushed back. You should take care of the below mentioned things to avoid such situations.

Stop Buying Links:

One of the most common mistakes that people do is buy links from other sites. There are many sites that provoke you for the same offering links at very low amounts. Trusting such sites and getting links from there can be good for your SEO but Google can put a negative effect on your site if it discovers the same. The result can be dangerous as your site can disappear from the search results completely. Thus, you must stop paying for any such links that assure you to make you popular as it is not good from the business’s perspective.

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Don’t update inappropriate content:

No matter you have an old site, or are creating a new one, always remember that content is king! People want to read only that content which is proper, informative, and entertaining. For this, you must hire proficient and experienced content writers who can generate good content. You must take care that your content writers are well aware of your products and services so that they can provide information appropriately. Google is very fast at picking content which has been copied from other sources, and marks it as copied. This hampers the success of your site. The best way is keeping the target market in your mind, and generating content accordingly. Thinking from the reader’s point of view will always let you create content that is good, informative, interesting, brief, straightforward, and fresh.

Don’t indulge in posting spam comments:

There are a number of site owners who are just in the horde of getting their sites to the top search results. It is ok to be so, but ensure that you are not posting unnecessary links on your site at places where it is not required. Google sees this as spam, and thus it hampers your success. People comment on various posts and with this they provide a link to their site to promote their products and services. This is something that needs to be avoided at your end, and at the same time you must also ensure that no people are doing the same on your site as well.


Restrict the limit of your anchor text links:

Anchor texts are specific keywords or a complete phrase that is present in the text of your site. This is generally understood as hyperlinks to a particular website. No doubt the keyword links are favorable for a good SEO process, but you need to be very careful using these. Often webmasters put innumerable and at times thousands of anchor text links along with some specific keyword so that their website gets the best ranking for selected keywords. Like you want your website show on top in Google when user search for Search Engine Optimization. But these tactics are no more in trends.

Website merchants need to follow a normal and valid approach to get their keyword on the top. No matter you have thousands of keywords or a few of those; you must follow good steps to get them in Google’s notice. Content is of utmost importance here. Writers should make an effort to generate good quality content for each keyword so that readers understand the worth of each one, and develop a penchant to become your customers.



In the present era where every organization has an online presence, people are making furious efforts to position their site to the top. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo are very particular towards these activities and often restrict you from gaining popularity. The best way is to stop getting involved in unethical ways of promotion, and gain a quality approach towards making a mark over the World Wide Web.

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