seo 2013

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the commonly used term in blogging industry. SEO is well known to bring traffic to the website and increase the number of visitors to a blog. A good SEO to your website can help you out in getting more indexed pages to world’s topmost Search Engine- Google. This is a very important aspect of getting your site optimized by different techniques like social bookmarking, writing quality articles, using keyword, and lots more. SEO is the dire need of every blog launched on the internet. We can say that a good SEO is the lifeline of blogs. The numbers of blogs are increasing every year and the career of blogging can make you earn good money if you have a command over good SEO tactics. SEO is needed to increase the traffic to our blog easily through the indexed pages and social media. You must follow the tactics given below. These are the SEO essentials you can follow in 2013, in order to get a good optimization of your blog.

Write quality articles:

 You must write articles free from grammatical errors and tense mistakes. Your article must reflect the professionalism and must convey the proper meaning to the readers. The quality of articles can be improved by writing articles with good English and with the flow of the topic. Your content must be original and must not be copied from any other site.

Select the theme with less load time: 

If you own a website, then you must choose a theme that takes a little loading time as compared to others. Just think from a reader point view. If you visit a website whose theme loads after the article, you can imagine about the irritation you will be facing. The reader gets irritated and might leave your website and never return back.

Build backlinks:

You must start blog commenting or building the backlinks of your websites on different websites. You can easily create backlinks, if your articles have great quality and if you are promoting the link genuinely. You can comment on the blog of the same niche as of your article and if your comment is approved, you get a backlink.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is writing the article for another blog in order to get traffic to your blog. Suppose you write an article for another blog. If the blog owner gets traffic from it, he or she might link your site too with and post and help you out in getting enormous visitors to your website.

Social media optimization:

You can promote your blog on social bookmarking and social networking sites by just sharing your blog article to them. These social media sites have an enormous number of quality readers searching for different articles. You can share and get traffic easily. The most popular social bookmarking sites are StumbleUpon, Digg, delicious, Reddit etc. and some popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc.

You can follow these tactics to your website or blog and can observe the drastic changes in number of visitors and indexed pages of your website or blog.