Science of Procrastination

Do you procrastinate? I don’t know about you, but myself i’m a big procrastinator. This is one of the reasons why i don’t update my site regularly. I postpone it day after day and to the next day. So to overcome this problem i searched a lot over internet and during my research i found this awesome infographic and i thought of sharing this with you.

Now lets look at a bit of trivia. Almost 75% of the university students consider themselves to be chronic procrastinators. The total amount in tax overpayments caused by procrastination of individuals in 2002 is exactly $473..! I thinks that’s more than enough for a little bit of trivia.

According to me, Procrastination is not being lazy, it’s a psychological disorder. So overcome it we have to follow certain rules and practice some methods. The below infographic named as “The Science of Procrastination” had a lot you should know about Procrastination and some of the theories and methods you required to overcome it.


The Science Of Procrastination

The Science of Procrastination