Learning a new language is not an easy task. An average adult can’t learn more than 6 languages in his lifetime. This is an exception if you are one of the genius level guy or the prodigy kid. But i think learning how to speak a word in different languages is really easy. Next time when you are going to propose someone, try saying “I Love You” in 23 different languages. Don’t know whether the results will be in your favor or not, but it would be awesome and you may look smarter than ever. 

Below is an Infographic that teaches you to say “I Love You” in 23 different real and popular languages around the world..!


I Love You In 23 Different Languages

I Love You

Infographic Source : LivingLanguage.com

 So next time when you are in a party or just hanging out with your friends, share this and make yourself look like a genius. I think its worth a try for sure..!

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