Windows 8 is still fairly new on the market, so you are not going to see too many Windows 8 devices on the market at the moment. However, Samsung has released a few that may tickle your interest. There is the Ativ Q laptop, the Ativ Tab 3 tablet, the Ativ Book 9 laptop, the Ativ Book 9 Lite, and the Ativ One Style 5 desktop computer.

The Ativ Q has a massive and moveable screen

This is one of the most popular features of the device. It has a 13.3-inch screen which is also a touch-screen. The screen itself also has four orientations. You can have it flat so that it sits over the keyboard and looks like a tablet. You can have the screen upright so that it looks like a laptop. You can orient the screen so that it floats above the keyboard, or it can be pushed back so that it sits above and back from the keyboard, almost as if it were perched on a stand.

The Ativ Q vital statistics

It is 13.9mm thick, so that it truly can double as a tablet device. It has a very sharp resolution which is 3200 by 1800 pixels. That is currently the highest resolution a screen of that size can have. The device only weighs 2.8 pounds, which again means that it may be held as if it were a tablet device.

The biggest selling point of the Ativ Q

Some say that it is the big screen, great resolution and screen orientation function. Others however are raving about its Android compatibility. The Ativ Q uses Windows 8 as an operating system. But, on the Windows 8 device is Bluestacks technology, which means that the device may also use Android apps. You are able to switch between the Android home screen and the Windows 8 home screen if you wish.

The Ativ Tab 3 is a very thin tablet device

It is actually the thinnest Windows tablet you may currently purchase. It is only 8.2mm thick, and only weight 1.2 pounds. Usually if a tablet it light or thin then it had to cut back a little on the battery, however, the Ativ Tab 3 tablet will still run the device on full power for ten hours, which is the usual battery life for most modern tablets.

The tablet uses a touch screen which you may operate with a human appendage, so long as it has skin on it, and you may also operate it with a Samsung S Pen stylus. The Ativ Tab 3 has a 10 inch screen and has a resolution of 1366 x 768. It has 64GB of storage in it, and this can be expanded even further if you use the Micro SD. It also has a HDMI out port, and it has 2GB of RAM. When you buy the tablet new, you also get the stylus pen with it.

ATIV Book 9 Plus

This is the very expensive Windows 8 laptop that Samsung have brought out. It is 13.6mm thick and weighs 2.87 pounds. The screen is an impressive 13.3 inches that has Gorilla Glass protecting the screen. This is needed because the screen is also a touch screen. It has two USB 3.0 ports, and comes with a staggering 256 GB of memory. It also has a micro HDMI port.


If you cannot afford the more expensive Ativ Book 9 Plus, then you could try the LITE version. Many of the things from the Plus version are still present in the LITE version. One of the more noticeable changes is the screen size, which is now 1366 x 768.

ATIV One 5 Style

This is a desktop computer that runs on Windows 8. It has a quad-core AMD A6 processor, and it has 4 GB of RAM. The hard drive memory capacity runs at a staggering 1 TB. This means that you get a massive 1024 gigabytes. It has three USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports. It has HDMI both in and out, and comes with Bluetooth. This machine has the power, ram and graphics card to handle anything you can throw at it. And, it comes with enough memory so that you need never burn a disk in order to store files again.