Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S4 from Samsung definitely helped the company earn huge profits. With the success of this android phone, Samsung has now decided to launch Galaxy S5. Samsung decided to continue with the trend of the Galaxy Smartphones and provide users with lots of new features and functionalities.

The new phone from Samsung will be available with 16 megapixel camera with the feature of optical image stabilization. There are many new features that are expected to be available in this Smartphone that can indeed impress the users to the fullest. The much anticipated S5 will finally have accuracy in images along with many other technical specifications.

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Plenty Of Upgrades:

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available with plenty of new features and upgrades. It is wider, bigger, faster and tougher compared to the previous generations of Galaxy phones. Quite similar to the previous generation phones, this phone will also run on Android. However, instead of running on Android 4.0, it would run on Android 4.4 KitKat. This is indeed a great feature that can make the users highly excited and impressed.

The First Impression of Samsung Galaxy S5 :

At a first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will look quite similar to that of HTC One. This is also true to some extent, because the full body of this phone has been built and designed with aluminum. It is because of this design that the phone is completely sealed off as water proof and dust proof. Samsung has definitely made a great move in bringing the phone to new depths by making it resistant to water and dust. Thus, the initial glance of the exterior part of the phone imparts a powerful impression.

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Moving To The Interiors of Samsung Galaxy S5 :

Along with the exterior, it is time to move to the interiors. This phone is powered by 2GHz octa core processor. In terms of memory, Samsung has really made a great improvement. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been upgraded to 4GB RAM from 2 GB of the previous generation phones. This is a feature that has never been seen in any other Smartphones. The size of the screen is 5.2” and this size enables the users to navigate the features of the phone quite easily. Apart from that, the device will also have the feature of  “Smart Eye Tracking” for further improvement in navigation. The screen is multi-touch capacitive with a resolution of 720X 1280 pixels. It is also equipped with wide varieties of features ranging from accelerometer, light sensor, compass, and proximity sensor.

Camera And Storage Capacity of Samsung Galaxy S5:

Samsung never compromises on the camera. This is the reason the phone is available with 16MP camera at the back. It is also provided with a 5MP camera at the front for enabling easy video chatting. The video recording capacity of the phone is also excellent that can highly satisfy the users. The storage capacity is massive 128GB internal memory, which is indeed brilliant.

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Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S5:

The above mentioned features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are actually expected ones. The release date is also not known exacltly. However, it is expected that this new phone will be released in 2014 somewhere between March and May. This will indeed be a powerful Smartphone and it will provide immense scope to the users to experiment with large numbers of features available here. There are also news that Samsung is making great efforts for building the optical image stabilizer for better and higher quality images and technical specifications. The perfectly designed Smartphone can be magical for you.

Conclusion :

From all the new features and specs added to Samsung Galaxy S5 we can say that it can be another sensation in the Smartphone world just how Galaxy S4 did. The only feature this Phablet lacking is “Fingerprint Scanner unlock” which is already introudced into iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

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