Samsung has kind of pushed the screen business a little too far with the launch of Galaxy Mega devices. First of all company introduced Galaxy Note and Note 2 with huge displays and surprisingly the devices made a great impression on the smartphone buyers worldwide. Now with the launch of new devices it looks like the link between smartphones and tablets has gone fishing because Samsung Galaxy Mega comes with a massive 6.3” display which is very close to Samsung Galaxy Tab. It looks like the South Korean Smartphone maker is actually redefining the tablet segment by pushing bigger screens in the smartphone devices. 

Galaxy Mega is really Mega


Samsung has actually launched two devices in the Mega series, one with a massive 6.3-inch display and the second one is having slightly smaller 5.9-inch screen size. Both devices come with a massive screen size which is pretty close to a lot of  small size tablets in the market. Galaxy Mega 6.3-inch screen is only 0.7” smaller than the 7” display size of Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus 7 tablets. The device is also capable of doing similar multi tasks that you usually do on your tablets.

Mega Features

Samsung Galaxy Mega series is equipped with great features which allow users to enjoy multitasking with their bigger screen sizes. The phones are also running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system which is already famous among the users with great features like multi  user accounts etc. Furthermore, Samsung has also enhanced the experience with its TouchWiz User Interface. Company has also equipped the phones with great cameras capable of  shooting HD videos and great photos with the resolution of  3264*2448 pixels which is surprisingly better than Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0. If  the buyers can compromise a little on the screen side, they can actually enhance their smartphone experience rather than buying a tablet.

Can it replace the tablet!

Can Samsung Galaxy Mega replace tablets? It is one of  the main questions rising in the market at the moment. Well, it mainly depends on the choice of  the smartphone buyers and a lot of different factors. Most of the phablets currently avai lable in the market basically have 5inch or a bit bigger screen size but they are small enough to f it in the pockets of  the buyers. However, just like tablets, Samsung Galaxy Mega’s comparatively bigger size wi ll make it difficult to adjust in the pocket of  the users. The Samsung Galaxy Mega might not replace the tablets completely but it wi ll certainly impress the users who love to use their devices mainly for media experiences like playing games and browsing web etc.

We can surely assume that Samsung is trying to redef ine the tablet segment by pushing its smartphone’s screen sizes a bit too far. But, the future buyers should keep in mind that it is almost impossible to use the Samsung Galaxy Mega with single hand and it is not that handy to carry around. A lot of  buyers are also impressed with the concept of  buying a handy smartphone with good features and a separate tablet with bigger screen to enjoy the experience without compromising about anything.

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