SEO in 2014

The year of 2013 has noticed many changes in the Google’s algorithm in boosting the spam-fighting which has brought a great change to the users and developers in how they look SEO now. It is the time where we are facing massive changes in the search results in browsing the web. The search engine page results ( SERP’s)  have changed a lot in displaying the results for the user queries as they become more user-friendly, natural.

Recap of SEO in 2013 till Now:

1) Change in Organic Keywords Information:

The power of Google made all the organic keyword information private which has given a turning point on the behavior of SEO. It has made a drop of around 70% of the traffic, which given a big disappointment to the web master community. But this anyhow made the search engine optimization to become more responsive, as it resulted in quality content, social awareness and search advertising. This has made the search engine to be considered as the infinite power of World Wide Web.

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2) Significance of Quality Links:

The links that are obtained are concerned more about the user-experience and not solely about SEO.

The significance of linking the on-site content with off-site content has become worthy than ever. The quality of the links is as important when it comes to link building. It is advisable to focus on quality rather than quantity.

3) Authorship over Keywords:

2013 is the year that has made increasing importance for authority and content. Content that has the limited keyword density plays a very great role in content marketing. The better and attractive is the content, the more is the outreach. If more people share your content, it has a direct impact in your search ranking.

Things to be done to increase your brand visibility in 2014:

It is always a fact that “Past is past”. Thinking about the future is what you are all about to do with.

Following are few things to consider for your future ranking :

1) Local Search has its Own Significance:

The game changer of WWW is SoMoLo (Social, Mobile and Local). It has a great impact in connecting with existing and future clients. Local search has become the no.1 job of users who look for information in mobile devices. So it is very essential to make your presence in social media, maps and other applications that are widely used by majority of the people. If you are doing SEO services, be sure to link your brand to Google places and other important pages which relies on search engine.

2) Social Signals:

Social is still considered to be a key factor that always correlates with organic ranking in the Search

Engine Results Page. There are few communities which believe that Google +1s have higher influence in the ranking. It is a great important why every business must have Google+ page. Also, Facebook shares, likes, comments, Pinterest posts, re-posts and twitter’s tweets and re-tweets also plays a higher role in driving social signals to a website.


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3) Advertising Search:

When the search engine has rolled out the news of hiding keywords, almost the entire webmaster team has guessed it might be to motivate the paid search offerings. It also helps in testing your keywords accuracy and impressions that influences the popularity of your branding.

Final Thoughts:

It is anyway little dangerous for the webmasters to guess what will happen in SEO for months over months, yet they love thrills and lessons which consistently makes them lead their professions.

Let’s wait and see the future updates and happening of search engine.

Is it a boon or a bane? Let’s hope for the best and positive.