PK Movie Review

Wishing You all a Happy New Year. You have supported us and kept us going, even in our sad times. We can’t thank you enough for that. To give you a present , this New Year, we are moving including a new category to FactsnFakes-Movie Reviews. We always want to do it and now we think is the right time. Our first Movie review’s gonna be about a Bollywood Movie, PK, starring Amir Khan, Anushka Sharma and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. So let’s start already.

To the new readers :

The problem with movie reviews is that it is the opinion of one person which influences many others whether to watch someone’s work or not. Hence, it’s very essential for you to know about me to agree with my view of a cinema.

So here it goes :

I love movies with abrupt endings which leave most of the conclusions to be made by the viewers. Big Marvel fan. Occasional rom-com watcher, like when my girl-friends (The hyphen wields lot of power) really push me. I’m gay for Christopher & Jonathan Nolan. Love Mindbenders over masala, Engaging over entertaining, Poetic essence over pot boilers.

If you feel we are in the same bandwidth of a large spectrum of reviews to which you have access to, please do continue. If not, big bare hands to you sir/madam.

To others:

Waddup friend? I’m doing PK. Suit up! (Yeah yeah, it doesn’t make sense , I just like saying it) The thing about brand Raju Hirani is that his works are social message driven. PK is no different.


Have you ever wondered how a person not from around here would feel if he witnessed our religious practices, insecurities and flaws? The answer to this very question is PK.

PK in a nutshell is about PK (Aamir Khan) searching for a stolen remote controller which was rightly his. There you go, it’s as simple as that. And that is just enough for magician Hirani to weave a politically correct (To hell with ban of this movie. Truth is bitter. Suck it up), socially sound (Yet somehow, it’s religious sentiment hurting. One can’t please everyone so whatever.), logical plot around it.


Jagatjanani aka Jaggu (Lipjob Sharma, sorry Anushka Sharma) is a Hindu pursuing Journalism in Belgium. Sarfraz Yousuf (Sushanth Singh Rajput)is a Muslim from Pakistan pursuing Architecture and working part time at the Pakistan Embassy in- yeah you guessed it right- Belgium.

An Amitabh Bachchan show brings them together. Turns out they are so alike! So shocking right? A song later, Jaggu confesses her intent to marry Sarfraz to her conservative parents back in India and you know what their answer might be. “He’s a Muslim. Come back to India right away. Don’t let him touch you even. ”

So Jaggu’s father consults his family baba Tapasvi Maharaj, and guess what? He predicts they’ll break up.
Oh snap.


Just to prove him wrong Jaggu tries to marry Sarfraz but in vain. So we come to India with Jaggu to meet the Bhojpuri speaking, pan chewing, loudly dressed PK. Jaggu is instantly attracted to this strange PK (Which isn’t his real name because from he comes from, he had no name) who at that time would be in search of God to get his remote controller back, which Hirani has illustrated by precisely poking at our ridiculous religious practices which strangely appears to be funny but is actually brutally realistic which we hope wasn’t the scenario.

PK has one new thing to offer. It is THE VIEW. Everything, I mean everything, in this movie is filled with incidents which happen around us all the time. But the magician gives us THE VIEW in a frame where we are mocked outright and yet we’ll be laughing about it.


Coming to the social message which the movie puts across, it is – There are two types of Gods:

  1. The God who created us.
  2. The God created by us.

The God we created is just like us. We are flawed on many levels and hence the God we created. Therefore, worship the creator, not the created.

By the way, Do Jaggu and Sarfraz reunite? If yes, how?
Does PK find his remote controller? I guess you just have to watch the movie to find out the answers. Please buy those tickets and appreciate this beautiful piece of work.

PS: For those who were like PK looks ridiculously fit in villagey outfit and regional background, aren’t you a little Sherlock? To find out who he really is, scroll up and put the words in italics together 🙂

SPOILER WITHIN A SPOILER: Ranbir’s guest appearance in the end is like beyond cute. Run away with your girlfriend before you lose her to him.

Just for the sake of mentioning I’ve added this line: You’ll see Sanjay Dutt and be like “When dafaq did he get out of jail?” 😛

On a scale of one to five Ganapathi murthy’s, I rate this movie three and half Ganapathi murthy’s.

We hope that you like the first movie review on FactsnFakes. We really wanna know about feedback and we’d be glad to have those in Comments.