Picpal: Real time selfie collage app


Who doesn’t click selfies? It’s become customary to click selfies wherever you go. Mankind is officially addicted to clicking selfies and we can’t deny the fact that we love them. No matter what happens, our obsession with selfies will never fall back.

Now here we are with an app that takes clicking selfies to whole new standards- Next Level Selfie app.

Presenting to you-

Picpal : Now click selfies with your friends living anywhere in the world simultaneously.

  •  Download the free Picpal app by clicking here.
  • Register by giving your details.
  • Send requests to friends to start clicking.
  • You can send upto 3 requests.
  • Once your friends accepts your request, the app gives you a 7 second countdown to click the pictures.
  • The app makes a collage out of the the clicked pictures and displays it ready to post it on your favourite social media sites.




The  app brings together the art of taking selfies and connecting people from the other part of the globe and unifies them seamlessly to give you the best possible collage. It’s all real time and saves a ton of work if you want to make a collage with your friends. If you are that selfie queen or the college stud then this app is MADE for you. Go right ahead and try it, after all its free. 

This app is new for android but it is quite famous among the iOS users. It has received fantastic reviews and amazing ratings among the apple users.

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Android users Click Here to download Picpal.

iOS users can download from here.

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