Different types of technologies are used for the tablets and smart phones. Evolution to the present day technologies have been a long and checkered history. What are different technologies used for mobile phones.

In mobile phones different types of technologies are used. The story has been an evolution from the traditional QWERTY messaging phone to the present day tablet smart phones.

Perhaps the most popular among all types of phones is the touch screen phones.

  •  This is a technology that has made the age old QWERTY messaging phones outdated.
  •  Navigation is much easier on touch phones. Activation of applications is possible with simple touch instead of pushing some button.

What is Touch Screen Phone?

Touch screen phones are nothing new. It was devised way back by Dr. Samuel Hurst in 1971.

  •  First touch phones were dependent on Elographics.
  • This 5 wire resistive method is still widely used in the industry.
  •  Thereafter there have been various innovations in the industry developing the touch screen phones to a new height and ultimately adopting the technology in tablet smart phones.

Dual SIM Phones

For some times the dual SIM phones dominated the mobile phone industry.

  • These phones hold two SIM cards.
  • Two SIM cards will have two different numbers and can be from two different network providers.
  • It is possible switching easily from one to another SIM. The system is known as standby dual SIM phone.
  • Dual SIM phone can be touch phones or traditional QWERTY keyboard phones.
  • Lately phones have hit the market in which both the SIM can work simultaneously at one time. The technology is known as active dual SIM phone.
  • Dual SIM phones dispenses with the necessity of having two phones to work with different SIM cards.

CDMA Phones

Two major competing standards in the mobile phoning industry are the GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications and CDMA or the Code Division Multiple Access phones.

  • Both these types have their 3G versions in form of Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems or UTMS and CDMA 2000.
  • Major difference of the two systems in their conversion of the voice data transmitted on air to radio waves, coverage area as well as in their respective speed in data transfer.
  • CDMA phones and technology is widely used in North American countries and is also used in some parts of the Asian countries.
  • GSM by far is the most widely used technology.
  • While some companies provide phones compatible to both technologies, CDMA is consistently losing grounds to GSM and it seems they may face extinction in future.

QWERTY Messaging Phone

QWERTY messaging phone are the first mobile phones that used key boards in the phone for text messaging. QWERTY are the first six letters on the key board of a typewriter or computer and the similarities of the phone buttons with letters printed on them resulted in such nomenclature.

While these phones are still in use, they are losing grounds to touch phones very fast.