Ola vs Uber:Taxi Startups of India

taxi startups in india

In one of our previous post we had written about the performance of the two biggest e-commerce websites in India.

Today I’m going to write about two of India’s biggest transportation start-ups:

Ola and Uber.

Both the start ups have been performing extremely well and both of them have  earned themselves lot of returning users. Let us do a comprehensive comparison between the two Taxi giants before we see what the users of Mynit had to say about this.



Started in 2010 they basically brought about a complete change in the way Taxis worked in India. This startup from Bangalore has gotten itself some good reputation lately. With a net worth of 400mn USD, it is one of the hottest startups in India. Some points that stand out for Ola-

  • First of it’s kind in India.
  • Ola auto was different and innovative.
  • Marketing at the initial stages was excellent.
  • Biggest Taxi network in India.


  • Availability of taxis has always been a hindrance.
  • Relatively less pay for the drivers.
  • Lack of transparency and over charging at times.
  • Drivers are not very well educated.



World’s largest and richest Taxi network. They’ve been in the game for long enough to know the tricks and tactics. They play by the rules and make it look simple.


  • Loads of experience.
  • Car availability is high.
  • Drivers are trained well and they know the basic etiquettes of a cab driver.
  • An established, hard working driver can easily make 1000 rupees a day even after spending for fuel and maintenance.


  • They are still marketing themselves in India.
  • The driver is the owner of the car. While for the most part this is a good thing, it results in excess investment for the drivers.
  • Future is not very certain and they have a long way to go.

Now the question is,

Who would you rather prefer, Ola or Uber?

We asked the same question to the users of Mynit-An opinion based social networking app. 

Take a look at what they had to say-


48% of the people preferred Uber over Ola and 46% of the people preferred Ola over Uber while only 6% of the people had no opinions on this.

Competition is extremely close. Neck to neck. We still cannot jump to any conclusions over this and we should wait for time to answer this question. I personally prefer Uber over Ola but hey, you can have an opinion too. Go ahead, express it here at Mynit.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed being with us. Keep coming back and happy reading:)