Nokia X vs Nokia X Plus vs Nokia Lumia 520

With the introduction of new Nokia phone series Nokia X and Nokia X plus, it is difficult to pick a classy Nokia phone from a series of amazing packages. The latest Nokia craze is Nokia X Plus, and the other interesting pieces are Nokia X and Nokia Lumia 520. Customers will be confused about which phone to pick because it is a tough decision. Let us go over the features of the phones in detail and then decide on the best buy.

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Nokia X Plus Specifications and Features


Nokia X plus sports a dazzling display, the phone stood out among thousands displayed at 2014 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. It is a budget phone of Rs 11,000 and Nokia’s initiative with the phone is to promote the importance of high-tech phones to the mass. The phone runs on Android KitKat 4.4 operating system.



The grand display of Nokia X plus is hidden in 800×468 pixel resolution, it is not the best of displays in mobile world, but pretty admirable for a budget phone. The screen dimension is 4 inches and it a full length touch screen phone, which is admirable, and users can feel the rhythm of high-tech touch screen encounters in mid range phone. Apart from the magnificence of touch screen, the other stunning high-end feature is LCD screen with 2 point capacitive touch screen. The bright display is contributed by 16M 24bit colour technology, and users can enjoy the ownership of the phone to the core with stunning screen features like Nokia Glance screen, Orientation sensor, wide viewing angle, tactile feedback, wide viewing angle and brightness control.


Nokia X plus functions with Snapdragon S4 processor with dual core CPU, the phone is extremely versatile, and the operating speed is 1GHz, which is remarkable for top end phone. The robust processor enables quick download time of many amazing apps.


Nokia phones do not run on exemplary memory powers, with Nokia X plus it is a different story. The phone has three expandable memory compartments, which is absent in Nokia X. Nokia X plus does not have robust RAM power, in sync with the current smartphones with 768MB RAM. The interior memory power is 4GB and can be expanded to 32GB with the aid of Micro SD card. An important point to note for those who are keen to buy Nokia X plus, Nokia is rolling out an amazing 4GB micro SD card.



Nokia X plus is engineered with 3MP camera, and the capturing power is 2048×1536 pixel resolution. The camera is pretty efficient and can shot images in low light; the only concern is the absence of flash. Consumers can encounter joyous photographing moments with the phone, when out on life-remembering adventures.

The speciality of Nokia X plus lies in Android and Windows user interface, and there are fun and reliable apps to look forward to like Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Yahoo mail and Microsoft ActiveSync.

The battery power of Nokia X Plus is 1500mAh, and is durable for about 10.5 hours.


Nokia X Specifications and Features


Nokia X is another colourful phone of X series along with X plus and XL, and was displayed at 2014 Mobile World Congress. The phone runs on (AOSP) Android Open Source Project, and operates on underlying Android system, which makes it as powerful as HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S series, which are also underlying Android phones.


The framework of Nokia X is inspired by the style techniques visible on Asha phones. The aim of Nokia with X is to tailor a simple yet elegant phone, and the uniqueness is visible in unibody framework. The phone is sold in vibrant shades of cyan, green, red, white and black. On the front is 4 inch in-plane switching screen (IPS) and on the rear is three megapixel camera and speaker grille. Fitted on the right, there is a volume rocker, and on left there are buttons. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on top, and there is microSD port at the bottom.


Nokia X runs on4 inch LCD IPS display which is remarkable for indoor and outdoor viewing experience. The device is however not too efficient under pitch bright surroundings. The colour output is remarkable and the crispness is evident at different angles. The pixel capacity of the phone is 233 and the screen is enclosed in a protective glass casing.


The operating network is Android Open Source Project, and Nokia X runs on Jelly Bean 4.1.2, which is not as new as 4.4 KitKat operating system found in Nokia X Plus. Just like X plus, Nokia is also packed with amazing features with heaps of exciting games and social networking apps like BBM, Twitter, Fruit Ninja, Bejeweled 2, Opera Browser and Facebook.



Nokia X has a 3.15 megapixel camera, and we are not too satisfied with the image quality.


The battery power of Nokia X is 1500 mAh lithium ion, and offers 3GB talk time for 10 hours 30 min, 3GB talk time for 13h 20min and 408 hours of standby.


Nokia Lumia 520 Specifications and Features


Nokia Lumia 520 is the fifth piece in Windows Phone 8 handset segment, the phone was among the stunners at the highly acclaimed Mobile World Congress. The phone looks trendy and chick and sports a thick dimension on the side. The outer casing is white or black, and the other dazzling outer covers are red, blue and yellow.



Nokia Lumia 520 is rated among the most stylish phones in the market, highlighted by its cool rectangular design, which resembles Nokia Lumia 920, a high-end phone and Lumia 625 and 620. The phone measures 119.9x64mm and is wider than Lumia 620. The pixel density is 233 ppi


Nokia Lumia 520 is tailored with 4 inch LCD IPS display and its pixel resolution capacity is 480×800. The display quality is razor sharp contributed by super sensitive touchscreen technology, where users can swipe the screen with the aid of fingernails, and gloves.



Nokia Lumia 520 is tailored with 5 megapixel camera and the video recording capacity extends to 720p. The picture quality is amazing in all background surroundings.


The battery power of Nokia Lumia 520 is 1430 mAh.


The three phones offer the best screen display experience, Lumia 520 is a superior phone with regard to design, and battery. Nokia X Plus is the best pick with regard to image power.


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