Almost an year ago, we have published an article, that helps you to delete your social media profiles with an ease. This article shows you a couple of ways to delete your identity and protect your privacy online. However, a lot of things happened and changed over the year. Some of the examples are  NSA, Edward Snowden, Net neutrality  and a lot of other buzz.Since the major portion of social media users concern a lot about their privacy, they eventually end up deciding to quit the social media temporarily or for ever.

That may not be the only issue here. A whole new kind of online threats came into existence and so, are the precautionary measures followed along. Social media alone constitutes large portion of these online threats. (We will let you know about those threats in the coming up posts on FactsnFakes).

That is why, today, we present you with an awesome infographic that aids you in the process of disappearing online. This infographic gives you nine steps to completely disappear online. Hope you will find those easy and useful.

How To Disappear Online Completely

nine steps to disappear onlinevia:WhoIsHostingThis