These days we are hearing about Billionaires more frequently than ever. Different acquisitions of startups by companies like Facebook, Apple, Google are making their founder a Billionaire. Take WhatsApp for example, who would have thought that Facebook would buy it for $19 Billion..!  But attaining a Billionaire status couple of decades back was not an easy thing. It took Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (don’t know why, but i hate him, may be i’m jealous of his sudden billionaire status) 3 years to get the first $1 Billion, whereas for Rupert Murdoch, an Australian business magnate, it took over 40 years to make the 1st Billion. Would you believe it.  Anyway let’s talk about today’s post.

Today’s infographic is somewhat special. It’s about comparisons between  New and Old Media Billionaires The comparisons are between 5 famous new Billionaires and 5 old Billionaires. The comparisons are given in pairs (Red Color is used for new Billionaire and Blue is used for Old Billionaire). The pairs are listed below.

  • Mark Zuckerberg and Rupert Murdoch
  • Larry Page, Sergey Brin(Founders of Google) and Patrick McGovern
  • Reid Hoffman and Charles Dolan
  • Yoshikazu Tanaka and Subhash Chandra
  • Robin Li and Kalanithi Maran

New Vs Old Media Billionairesvia: