Mynit- An Opinion Based Social Network




The best thing about writing app reviews is that you get to know so much more about what is happening around you. You get exposure great ideas and lots of cool stuff. You get to know so many amazing entrepreneurs.

The app I’m reviewing today is something way different than what you would’ve ever seen before. It’s a one of a kind extremely thoughtful app with amazing user interface.

Tell me, who doesn’t have opinions? I do. And if you are like me, I’m sure you do too. And the thing about opinions is that everyone wants to express it. Everyone wants every other person to know what he feels about a certain something. It’s only human to have opinions. And the most beautiful thing about opinions is that they let you into people’s hearts and minds and their way of thinking.

That’s precisely what Mynit is all about.

It’s about asking and giving opinions.


Mynit is an opinion based social network. It’s like the twitter of opinions.

How do I get started?

It’s extremely simple actually.

  1. Firstly you sign up for their app through Facebook by downloading the app.Click here to download(it’s free).
  2. After signing up there is a space on the top wherein you type a question which can be answered only by a single Yes or No or a Maybe.
  3. This question will appear on the news  feed of other users and they give you their opinions in Yes/No/Maybe.


  1. The users can also further express their opinion in the comments section.
  2. The names of the people who comment are visible. But only the number of people giving opinions is visible.

Yes, that’s how simple it is. You can ask for anything. I mean absolutely anything that is not demeaning or the one that hurts a persons beliefs.



Other features-



Talk to friends in your Sphere, share what you feel about anything on the earth. Debate, Share and Influence. Be it a generic topic, fun topic or planning for a trip.

Share your Opinion with a Click

Your Companion to voice or seek opinions is just a click away. See and engage in discussion on a subject. Use your power to influence and be a part of the change you desire.

Real Time Updates

See the latest Opinion results anytime anywhere. Get real statistics of the Yes, No, May be answers – your enablers to influence youre decision.



This just a brief overview of the app. This app flawlessly connects your personal life to your social life. The app has received excellent feedback and an amazing rating on the playstore. Currently the app is only for android users. They will be releasing it for iOS as well. I will update the post once it’s done.

To download the app from your android playstore, click here.

For further information contact or email them at [email protected] don’t forget to like their page on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter.


Note to the readers- This is  written solely with the perspective of the author. If you have any queries or feed backs about glitches and bugs contact them from the above mentioned sources.

Thanks for reading. Keep coming back 🙂