Keyboard shortcuts definitely saves our time and increases our productivity. Windows key is termed as the less used button of the keyboard. But it sure has many uses that saves most of our time.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows + E  :   Starts Windows Explorer (My Computer).

Windows + D  :   Minimizes all Windows.

Windows + B  :   Access System Tray.

Windows + R  :   Opens Run Dialog.

Windows + X  :   Opens Mobility Center. In Windows 8 it offers various options, just try it if you are using Windows8.

Windows + U  :   Opens Ease of Access Center.

Windows + M :   Minimizes Current Active Window.

Windows + Home :      Minimizes inactive windows

Windows + Shift + M : Restores Minimized Window.


If are editing a file in word, or filling a form in a browser these shortcuts are to be must known.

Ctrl + A  :   Select all

Ctrl + C  :   Copy

Ctrl + X  :   Cut

Ctrl + V  :   Paste

Ctrl + Z  :   Undo

Ctrl + S  :   Save

Ctrl + P  :   Print  Website

More useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + F4 : Closes all windows. Can also be used to shut down or restart your system.

Alt + Enter :  Opens properties dialog box of the item selected.

Alt + Space:  Opens the title bar menu

Shift + F10 :  Opens right click menu of the item selected.

Press Shift as you insert CD or DVD to keep it from playing automatically

These are the most useful keyboard shortcuts by far. If u think i have missed some or if u know more please let me know through the commenting section below , i will update asap.